The Unopened Door

I am not one to rant too often.  I try to live my life in as calm of a manner as possible.  If there is something that riles me up I try to see all sides of the issue and not jump to conclusions.  I live my life by giving others the benefit of the doubt.  In other words I like to  believe something good about someone, rather than something bad, when I have the possibility of doing either. Recently I had some minor car issues.   Minor to me but major to my husband.  One Sunday we went to … [Read more...]

A Bit of a Rant

Fair warning----I may rant a bit here today. It is one of those days....I will try to hold it down but you have been warned. Life is too short to spend being upset about things but I have to admit I got a little steamed today about the lack of customer service.  Maybe I just expect too much but I figure if I shell out $600 for a product I should at least be kept apprised of the status of the item.  Not so.  I won't go into all of the details or even mention the name of the … [Read more...]


  My letter of "complaint" to Delta: Message: 'The delay made me miss my connection even though I ran through the airport and they knew I was coming from a late flight. The plane was just pulling away from the door when I got there. Since it was the last flight of the day and a small plane I was a little upset that they could not wait 3 minutes for me. I had to spend the night in MSP and take a flight the next day which was NOT convenient for either me or my husband who was … [Read more...]

Finally….Good Customer Service!

My car wouldn't start yesterday.  Battery was dead as a doornail ( and isn't that a funny expression?) so I had to call AAA to come out and help me.   Fortunately the car was in the garage so I wasn't stranded anywhere and it was no major thing.  Chris called a local place to find a battery and I was going to go there to get that put in.  THEN Frank's Repair showed up .....the guy had had the forethought to bring a battery!  So no muss, no fuss, he installed it right then and there and I was … [Read more...]

This Might Be The Problem!

You know that sometimes I talk big.  I act all tough and get all bent out of shape on things that I think are unjust or just plain wrong.   Many of you have hung in there with me with my tale of woe of my experiences with buying an elliptical at our local Sears.   Well, I KNOW I said I was going to go in and talk to the store manager.   Today I was spurred on to action, finally.  My anger had died down a bit and I felt like I could be coherent.   Must be due to those great workouts.  Also got a … [Read more...]

Just In Case You Were Wondering….The Ordeal is Over.

The ordeal is over.  After much gnashing of teeth and lost sleep (well maybe not quite THAT dramatic) the elliptical is assembled.   The Sears saga continued this week -(-if you missed a chapter in this whole long story do a search on here for a post titled Beth Ann 1  Sears 0).   Got a call last Friday to schedule our assembly for Tuesday.  No one showed.  At 3 pm Tuesday I get a call to schedule our assembly.  I told the chick it was scheduled for that day but no one came.  She had no record.  … [Read more...]

Beth Ann 1 —-Sears 0

Chris and I have decided to put an end to our sedentary life.. Step 1:  Buy bikes.  Check. Step 2:  Buy an elliptical.  Check. Step 3:  Buy a Wii or Xbox Kinect.   In the pricing stage. Step 4: Use said devices..... So how are we progressing??  Bikes have been used--not as much as we wanted but we have been here there and everywhere since we bought them so we are trying to be intentional about using them.   Bought the elliptical at Sears locally about 10 days ago.  It was to be … [Read more...]