A Little Escape

I love it when a plan comes together!   I have wanted to redo a little nook in my bathroom for awhile and have been “formulating” ideas for awhile.  Along with the formulating included acquisitions.  Of course.   Always the shopper.  I had an idea to turn my little corner of the master bath into my personal beach retreat.  I love the beach.  I love all things associated with the beach. The sun. The sounds.  The birds.  The smells .  The feel of the sand.  My favorite memories are associated with beaches.

So project bathroom redo finally happened this week.  Primarily put on hold because I had purchased a decorative boat in Ohio and had to get it back to Iowa which I did last week.   Of course I found out that our Hobby Lobby here which is literally out my front door had the exact thing on clearance just like the one in Ohio.  I guess my little boat is more well traveled now!

The shells are a collection from years of collecting and represent places that I have most likely forgotten.   Some came from our recent trips to South Padre Island, Jacksonville Beach, Wilmington and the Bahamas.  When I relax in my tub now I will remember fondly.

I admitted to a fellow blogger that I love all things beach except the water.   I blame it on a swim teacher I had when I was little …..one of those experiences that my all too overly sensitive self magnified over the years.   I don’t like water on my face.  Never have.   Face the opposite way in the shower to avoid it.  I know it is irrational and ridiculous and as I told my friend I have no plan as of today to overcome that ridiculousness but who knows.   Maybe I will grow up and face it someday.  There is still time.

So here is my little escape.  Do you have one and if so what does it say to you when you are there?   Escape?  Tranquility?  Calm?  Memories?  Would love to hear. 

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  1. I had a horrible swim teacher when I was little. He knew I was scared so to get me over my fear he held me under the water. Somehow, his master plan to get me over my fear didn’t work. I know how you feel.

  2. Beth Ann, I love it…will you come by and redo my bathroom nook the same way? I’m really inspired now and will start my own beach collection. Like you I love all things associated with beaches and the sea!!!! I really have to get my hands on one of those boats. I’ve seen them before…

    • On clearance at a Hobby Lobby near you!!! And all different sizes so I am sure you can find one that will fit in your price / nook range!!!! I would love to come help you!! I do not claim to be a decorator by any means–my house is a hodge podge of stuff but it is “us” if you know what I mean!

  3. My daughter had a bad experience in swimming lessons, too, “I won’t let go of you.” And did. Maybe that works for some, but not everyone. Love your relaxing spot, the swag with wreaths might be my favorite…and the basket of goodies…and…

  4. I love this bathroom… I don’t think I’d ever leave!
    I also love the beach and hate the water… I was taught to swim in the ocean and in fact became a jr. lifeguard (In a previous life… ha ha ha) and now I REFUSE to even put my feet in the water!

  5. Oh, Beth Ann, I LOVE what you have done with your bathroom. I, too, am a huge fan of the beach. Great design, my friend!

    • Thanks, Kathy. It is just a nice reminder of some of the great place we have been. I did not bring any of my fabulous shell finds back from Australia—I was too scared that they would “bust” me in customs or hold up our container because of some contraband shells but I sure wish I had done it…..oh well.

  6. I love all of it!! what a fantastic job. the wreaths to hold the curtains is such a genuis idea, and I really love the net on the wall too. if I had that spot to unwind in…well, days like today would be swept away like flotsam on the tide!
    awesome job.

    • I just reused the wreaths—I had the same swag and wreaths up there originally and just took the flowers off of them and put the shells! Repurposed!!! Hubby saw it for the first time last night and actually liked it…amazing!

  7. Helen Brown says:

    I love your little bathroom corner. By the way, I stand with my back to the shower as I do not like water on my face either!

  8. Yet 2 more ways we are similar: 1) I love the beach & everything about it; 2) I hate water on my face. No terrible swimming instructor stories though, just don’t like it. If I liked baths, I would love a corner like this – strictly shower person now.

    • We have way more in common each week, don’t we??? How neat is that???? My mom, (see comment above) does not like water in her face either!!! Must be a more common thing than I thought! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. What a beautiful beachy retreat you’ve made for yourself. Love the little boat to display your beach finds. Great job, my friend.

  10. I love the boat. You have so much energy. Since we moved here a little over two years ago all the redecorating I’ve done is hire someone to slap paint up on a few walls. I just can’t seem to rally myself to it.

    I really want to paint our bedroom and hopefully will manage to pick out a color sometime soon.

    Good work. It’s lovely.

    • Well you have a few things going on in your life!!! I get an idea in my head and sometimes it takes awhile but I get there eventually. Today I have to tote all the rest of the stuff I brought back from Ohio in the last trip in the house and get it put away. I see a massive clothes closet cleansing happening this week too! Feels good.

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