Wordless Wednesday

My husband found these great shoes from Maskull Lasserre—-check out the “footprints” that they leave.  Wouldn’t that rock someone’s world in the city to see those in the snow or on the sidewalk ???  (Pictures taken from LaughingSquid.com and more can be seen at Maskull Lasserre’s website here)

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  1. Well now you are just messing with the universe 🙂

  2. Love that!!!!

  3. looks great.

  4. around these parts, you’d surely be tracked by a few redneck hunters! LOL
    pretty cool though.

  5. Oh, I would love those shoes … I have a lot of friends I could terrify with them. Just kidding , I think they would be great for a nature education program. Kids expecially would go wild and they would remember the print, which is the whole idea.. Thank you for sharing …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. People are always thinking….There are some scary thoughts going on right now. Coming to a store near you…Does this mean your giving up on TOMS?

  7. Those are pretty cool. Amazing what people come up with!

  8. How fun, Beth Ann! Who would have ever thought of such a thing? I’m sure there are some great practical jokes that could be pulled with these.

  9. Helen Brown says:

    Interesting shoes. I will stick to the ones I have thank you.

    • I doubt these would be very good for you to wear—they don’t look all that easy to walk in and we know you need to be careful about that!!! 🙂

  10. Those are the craziest shoes I’ve ever seen!

  11. They look a little painful? Which print did he get?

    • He didn’t get any of them but I think it would have to be the more exotic pair like the wolf or whatever rather than a deer like print. Too common!

  12. Kind of creepy, but unique.

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