Ahh….What a Nice Surprise!

Sometimes someone out there somehow just knows when you need a lift!  Today, for some reason, I did and I had a wonderful surprise that awaited me when I went to the mail box!  I found a little package with a really sweet homemade card (she just got a new Cricut machine!), some fall coasters and post it notes and a fabulous Longaberger checkbook / credit card/ holder cover thingy!!!  I loved it!  And all “Just Because”!!!  No special reason—just because she was thinking about me.  Who, you may ask?   My sister’s grade school friend–Becky!!   How sweet is that??   Very!!!  So of course I had to give a shout out to her to tell her thanks since she is one of my most faithful blog readers!

I am always sending little packages out to folks—the boys get regular goodie boxes, the nieces get them occasionally and various friends get things now and then and I love to do that but it made me realize today how much I love getting things like that!!!  It made a cloudy dreary Iowa day sunny and a little bit brighter! Thanks, Becky—for sharing!!!!  Today I was blessed a little more than usual!


  1. AAAANNNNDDD, she’s MY best friend! 🙂

  2. I guess I left that part off…sorry!!! I guess I figured if I said she was your grade school friend that carried some weight! It was VERY sweet!!!

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