Rush On Out To Buy These For Christmas Gifts!!!

One of the websites I peruse from time to time is The Huffington Post. They usually do not fail to make me smile and more often laugh with some of their slide shows. Today I found the perfect gifts for everyone on my Christmas shopping list and I am sure that you will too!!!  Pictures and content all taken from their slide show—-I take no credit —-but sure wanted to pass it along!!!  Start shopping now!

1.  Children’s Night Vision Camcorder because we all want our kids out there at night spying on people…. (Hammacher Schiemmer)

2. Portable Foot Tanner….What a bummer to have uneven tan lines on your feet!   This little gizmo lets you tan at your office, at home, on the road, wherever!  I do sport a TOMS tan but even I am not going for this one!   (Skymall)

3.  Smart Shopper Deluxe….Simply shout into the device what you want to buy and it records it and prints out a list.   I guess this would be useful if you could not write but gee whiz—-what a waste of something!  (The Sharper Image)

4. Internet Message Center….this nifty device shows your tweets, emails and short text messages so you can have everyone know what you think is important!!!  (Brookstone)

5. Motorized Golf Club Cleaner…..lets you clean your golf clubs without that soft cloth and elbow grease…. (Sharper Image)

6. Time Lapse Plant Camera….takes photos of your plants so that you can make a video about how they grow.   Maybe this is for those folks who are trying to get on tv with a documentary or something.

7.  Fish Finding Watch…..I guess this would be a little bit better if it were for fishermen instead of swimmers…..yep, you read right….swimmers.

8. Desktop Cat Seat… c’mon!!!!   Please!!! Anyone with a cat knows that they will lie anywhere they please, EXCEPT a stupid thing that you put on your desk for them to lie on.(Brookstone)

9.  Marshmallow Shooter… I would actually buy this one!!  I can see the boys shooting each other with it and having a blast!!

10.  Golf Club Drink Dispenser…this is  one of the stupidest things I have ever seen.   Seriously???


  1. Becky Miracle says:

    The boys have a marshmallow bow shooter and a marshmallow shooter. They are cool..and lots of fun. Plus you can always eat your ammo…at least before it hits the ground!

  2. See….I actually liked that one too! Better than nerf guns cause you can eat the ammo and safer than potato guns!!!


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