36 Down — 614 To Go

If I have been AWOL lately it is because I have a new project.  One that is consuming me until I feel like I have it under control.  I am woman possessed.  More so than usual. As some of you know I am a volunteer for Hospice of North Iowa.  I love what they do.  As a volunteer I have been able to have 2 "relationships" with women at the end of life.  The one lady was unusual as I was her volunteer for over a year.   Volunteers can do many things with Hospice and when I moved back to Ohio … [Read more...]

Cards, Cards, Cards and More Cards

One of the things I love to do is make greeting cards.  This week I have been busy and have gotten back into the crafting a bit.  Of course it was a challenge with cats who like to be my shadows.   But I persevered.  Click on any picture to start a slide show. … [Read more...]

Cricut? Did You Say Cricut?

I know I have a problem.  And it is not a problem of the insect variety.  It is a crafting problem.  You see I bought a Cricut Expression awhile back and it has taken over my life.   Any of you crafters out there can understand how that happens.  It starts with the need to make just one special card for an event and then it kind of snowballs.  By the time I am done I have every single piece of crafting accessory out in my "office".   I have the trash can for the scraps that happen to make it … [Read more...]

Ahh….What a Nice Surprise!

Sometimes someone out there somehow just knows when you need a lift!  Today, for some reason, I did and I had a wonderful surprise that awaited me when I went to the mail box!  I found a little package with a really sweet homemade card (she just got a new Cricut machine!), some fall coasters and post it notes and a fabulous Longaberger checkbook / credit card/ holder cover thingy!!!  I loved it!  And all "Just Because"!!!  No special reason---just because she was thinking about me.  Who, you may … [Read more...]