My Favorite Things Week—MeMe Miracle’s World of Crafting

Some of you know that I have a Cricut and use it to make a variety of things but mainly use it to make greeting cards.  There are so many different ways to use a Cricut and today's giveaway features a crafting friend who has mastered the technique for using vinyl fabulously.  Rebecca (Becky) Miracle is my sister Paula's childhood BFF and continuing BFF.  She has many gifts and talents but at the moment she is using her creative side and is offering several unique and wonderful items through her … [Read more...]

Getting My Craft On

So now that I finally got my office/crafting area organized I thought I would share a couple pictures of things that went on this week in that wonderfully organized area!!  There is one project that I have to save for a couple of weeks to post but suffice it to say----I am excited about it and can't wait to do more!!!! The main project this week was to make some cards.  My supply is dwindling basically because during Lent I promised that instead of giving something up I would write a letter … [Read more...]

Birthday Wishes and Umbilical Cords

Me, Paula and Mother a couple of years ago !!!  Need to get an updated picture!!!!  But you get the idea!!!   My sister has a birthday!!! It is tomorrow---otherwise known as TAX DAY but I thought I would wish her happy birthday a day early because in my advancing years I am bound to forgot to do this tomorrow!!! So here it is ---a tribute to my sister, Paula!!! Happy Birthday, Sissy!!! If any of you have sisters you may know what it means. Paula and I are 6 years apart in … [Read more...]

Cricut? Did You Say Cricut?

I know I have a problem.  And it is not a problem of the insect variety.  It is a crafting problem.  You see I bought a Cricut Expression awhile back and it has taken over my life.   Any of you crafters out there can understand how that happens.  It starts with the need to make just one special card for an event and then it kind of snowballs.  By the time I am done I have every single piece of crafting accessory out in my "office".   I have the trash can for the scraps that happen to make it … [Read more...]

Think Spring!!!

We decided that we could just not get our act together in December to have a party for the folks that work with Chris.  There was just too much we had to do and we were going to be gone too much to make it work so we opted for the post Christmas celebration.  Last weekend we held a Think Spring party and had a blast!  Of course I found all kinds of great things that I wanted to cook and prepare and as I rattled off the list to Chris he just looked at me incredulously and said "That is way too … [Read more...]

Ahh….What a Nice Surprise!

Sometimes someone out there somehow just knows when you need a lift!  Today, for some reason, I did and I had a wonderful surprise that awaited me when I went to the mail box!  I found a little package with a really sweet homemade card (she just got a new Cricut machine!), some fall coasters and post it notes and a fabulous Longaberger checkbook / credit card/ holder cover thingy!!!  I loved it!  And all "Just Because"!!!  No special reason---just because she was thinking about me.  Who, you may … [Read more...]