Saving Homes and Holy Lemonade

Ever wonder why I take blogging so seriously?   At times it appears to have become a full time job with little pay but you know what?   It is all about connecting with people and the relationships that we build with one another.

Stay with me on this one–it is kind of complicated.  I have followed Rara’s blog Rarasaur for quite awhile.  Rara is an amazing lady who is very compassionate and loving and caring and all those things that I like to embrace in my own life.  She sponsored the NaNo  Poblano challenge in November that I joined and she in a word is amazing.  Another blogger, Zoe, who blogs over at Behind the Mask of Abuse also follows Rara and has a friend, Merry, who blogs at Knocked Over By a Feather.  Are you still with me???  Rara told Zoe about my blog and this is where our lives merge.

As Zoe read Merry’s blog she was convicted.  To make a difference.  In any way that she can.  The story unfolds.

Merry has suffered a myriad of health issues that started with anxiety attacks and depression.   Add to that the diagnosis of fibromyalgia and as a result of this horrible disease she has suffered in ways that no one should have to suffer.  One of the by products is the inability to work and even her attempts to obtain disability have been difficult. While she was able to get some disability payment it has not been enough to provide all they need in order to keep current with the taxes. She and her husband have been battling digging out of the financial hole that they are in for a long time and have finally come to the decision that they can no longer fight and plan to give up their home as a result of not being able to pay back taxes.

Enter Zoe.  Zoe asked if she could start a fundraiser and Merry reluctantly said yes because sometimes when people offer you just have to let them try to do something.  Zoe wrote a wonderful blog post and Merry contributed to it here .   A YouCaring donation site has been set up to help raise funds for Merry and her husband Thomas and you can go to that site by clicking here and reading more about their story.  If you should feel led to contribute, as Zoe says, no amount is too small.

It is all kind of like a big family out here in the WordPress family and beyond.  We care about each other.  Which brings me to the other part of my post.  Sharing some more bloggy love.

Miranda Gargasz is a wonderful writer and blogs over at Plus Size Mama.  I found her through fellow blogging friend, Kathy, who blogs at Reinventing the Event Horizon.  Now if you have clicked on all of the blue in this post you have a lot of tabs open by now but hey—-that is the point I am trying to make. We are all connected!  And it is a good thing.

But back to Miranda.  Miranda just recently published her first book of essays and it is phenomenal.   You do not want to miss it.  Miranda’s book—Lemonade and Holy Stuff—is a wonderful glimpse into the life of a mother, wife, daughter in law and aunt and how situations in life can be turned into blessings along the way.  Yep–my kind of gal.   She writes from the heart and her pen is mighty.  If you want a Kindle edition for only $4.99 please click here to go directly to the Amazon link.   If you would prefer the paperback version for $7.59 just click here.    (Notice: As part of Amazon Affiliates I will receive a small percentage of any sales from these links but trust me—you need to read this one!)


So today—if you are so inclined—join me in helping save a home and support a newly published writer.  What a wonderful opportunity we have today.  Seize it.  I know I plan to.

Please come back tomorrow for the results for Comments for a Cause for February which goes to Global Arts Therapy and and see who our March Comments for a Cause will be.  Don’t miss it!

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  1. Thank you so much!

  2. Reblogged this on behindthemaskofabuse and commented:
    This is another wonderful lady touching lives in so many ways Thank you Beth Ann!

  3. It sounds like a great read and I love how you are always supporting your blogging buddies. You’re a super neat blogger!

  4. Miranda Gargasz says:

    Thank you so much for the shout out, Beth Ann! You are awesome! Excited to see who March’s Comments for a Cause will be. How do you select these, by the way? Just curious, because some of them I’ve never heard of until you. Do you have secret charitable connections we don’t know about? Like the charity underground? LOL!

    • You are so welcome, Miranda. As for Comments for a Cause–they kind of just come up at the right time. It is usually a God thing. Last month I had no clue what Feb would be and then I saw a little post on an Iowa bloggers group I am a part of on Facebook and discovered Global Arts Therapy and Samantha and it just seemed like a great project. Sometimes they are well known “causes” and some not so well known but they are all worthy. i really am always open to finding small ones but it does help if they have 501( c) status for tax purposes. 🙂

  5. Thanks for directing us to these bloggers, Beth Ann. One, especially, I needed to “meet.” What a great community this is and I am happy to be in the circle of blogger friendships.

  6. Reblogged this on justiceforkevinandjenveybaylis.

  7. Spreading love in so many different ways. I guess technology can bring closer, though it has been demonised by many including myself.

    Thanks for being a part of this world and adding smiles, Beth.


  8. You. Are. Phenomenal. Thanks for helping wherever you can, Beth Ann! 🙂

  9. Thanks for your support Beth Ann!

  10. Thanks Beth Ann. I will check them all out. I have stolen more chain than I can swim with right now so it may not be for a couple days but I am looking forward to contributing, meeting new people and catching up!

  11. I am pleased you found this family’s need as other bloggers have a chance to help a family that is working so hard to keep their home.

  12. You’re right, the friendships made by having a blog are priceless.

  13. Good Morning Beth Ann! I tried to read this last night after a long day trip for a Dr.’s appt and my brain was just too tired. So I came back this morning fresh from a night’s sleep and my brain had no problem keeping up.. 😀 I will be checking your links out. It is too sad for someone to lose their home! And blogging does connect us to some wonderful people!!!!

    • I agree on all counts. I simply cannot imagine being in that situation and it hurts my heart. The more people that see that posts about it the more those small donations will add up, I hope. It is a sad world when things like this happen and people do nothing to offer help—-I think we can change that, don’t you?

  14. Ahhhh, I love seeing how small the world can be. 🙂 Good job, Beth Ann.

I love your comments--each one makes me smile and makes a difference for Comments for a Cause! Thanks!

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