Four Years in the Making

We have good intentions, my husband and I.  We often think that we have things all figured out when in reality we have nothing figured out at all.

Four years ago found us moving back to our Iowa home from North Queensland, Australia after Chris spent about a year there overseeing the operations of 7 sugar mills.  We had a container coming back and while we had acquired some furniture when we were there we decided to splurge on an outdoor table set to bring back to the US.  We had a container, after all, and there was no way we were going to fill it up so we found the perfect set of teak furniture and had it delivered to our rental home to be included in the shipment.

Fast forward a few months and when our shipment arrived we decided that our deck would just not accommodate the massive set since our deck had built in benches.  We have a huge garage so storage was no issue and I very smartly put all the pieces parts that had slipped out of the boxes in a big ziplock bag and taped it onto the boxes.

Two years pass and we finally get the deck redone —-enlarged and no benches built in so that our beautiful table and chairs would fit.   Then Chris’s dad got sick and we spent more time on the road to Ohio and eventually moved there for about 7 months to settle the estate and take care of Carlton.

Last summer was a blur—-Chris was traveling all the time and it just was not on our agenda to unbox and assemble the furniture.  And so it sat. And aged.  And aged.

This past weekend was THE weekend!  We had put it off for 4 years and it was becoming ridiculous.  We have been working on clearing the garage and this was a huge part of it so we committed to assembling the furniture on Saturday. We told people.  We made arrangements to give away our old table and chairs so we had to do it.

Saturday arrived and it was cold—-high 40’s and windy as all get out. Armed with coffee and sweatshirts we started.  The excitement was building.

Reading the instructions is always a good thing!

Getting set to assemble!

Reading the instructions is always a plus!

Reading the instructions is always a plus!

Looks simple enough!

Looks simple enough!


The assembly begins!

The assembly begins!


1 down--7 to go.  Never mind the 35 mph winds that were making me look crazier than normal!

1 down–7 to go. Never mind the 35 mph winds that were making me look crazier than normal!


The wind was too much---we moved inside the garage for chair assembly 3-8!

The wind was too much—we moved inside the garage for chair assembly 3-8!

I think by chair number 4 we had the system down fairly well and made quick work of it.  Funny how I dreaded the entire process and it ended up to be very painless!

Chairs done!!!

Chairs done!!!

Time for the table!!!

Time for the table!!!



The finished product without umbrella since it was so windy!!!

The finished product without umbrella since it was so windy!!!



We ended up with a few allen wrenches!

We ended up with a few allen wrenches!

I had taken all my plants inside because there was a freeze warning—–I got them all relocated in the sunroom and all the cushions put away so the deck looked bare but the sun and warmth is coming back!

Tradition in our family is to have a picnic on Mother’s Day. No fuss for me—drive through chicken and a park someplace and even though the boys could not be with us (Micah is in Florida and Aaron is in Israel for work) we always continue the tradition.  So off to Lime Creek Conservation Park with our unhealthy but delightful meal !!!


Mother's Day picnic lunch!

Mother’s Day picnic lunch!

Flowers came from both of my sweet boys on Saturday.  I am so blessed.  And blessed to have my own mom still living and doing so well!!!


Flowers from my sweet boys!

Flowers from my sweet boys!







  1. ok, four years is a long time 🙂 but the furniture looks amazing… worth the wait?

  2. The table and chairs are just gorgeous, well worth the wait. You are not alone in putting off projects/not finding the time to do them. Not looking in the mirror at myself or anything. Ahem.

    How lovely that your boys sent flowers. Amber and Marc brought me a hanging basket, my first flowers of the season, which I stashed inside the garage last night due to a possible freeze. Caleb remembered Mother’s Day at about 2 p.m.; what can I say, he’s a college student with Boston on his mind. Miranda called. All in all, a nice day.

    Your annual picnic tradition sounds just wonderful. Anything tradition pleases me.

    • Thanks, Audrey!!! I just think we had to work up to it or something. 4 years isn’t bad, right??? 🙂
      Sounds like you had a great Mother’s Day!!! This is the first year the boys sent me flowers. When they were still at home they always got me hanging baskets for the outside or plants for pots. I have to relocate the flowers to the mantle so curious cats don’t chew!

  3. Love the table!! Certainly worth the work and when the boys and who knows who else’s eventually joins your family,,,won’t it be fun to sit around the table and talk about it’s history and the fateful day you finally put it together in the middle of a blizzard with temps dropping to below 0? You went for the story! I love that…..

  4. We are the same way. We always have the best intentions and start a project and then it takes forever to finish! I love the teak set. It’s beautiful. Wish they weren’t so expensive because I would totally get one! 🙂

    • That is why we got one in Australia—so much cheaper and it was such a great deal and we knew it would last forever. And it almost did—in the garage!!! 🙂

  5. Beautiful patio set and great story attached!! Sat. was a bit frigid here, also, and yesterday a bit better. Wonderful post…..Happy Monday!!! Hugs, D

    • Today we are looking at 70 degrees and tomorrow even warmer so I am very happy about that!!! And the good news is that the work is all done outside! New birdfeeder installed, flowers all planted, furniture assembled. Bring on summer!

  6. I will try to make my comment today as my computer is not working like it should yet. Your table and chairs look great and I hope to sit in them someday when it is warm and sunny.

    • Well it posted just fine so your computer woes must be behind you! We do have to get you out here—just gotta figure out the logistics….

  7. That set looks terrific, can’t wait to see it with the umbrella. I envy Chris those instructions, they looked very uncomplicated. I spent 61/2 hours a couple of weeks ago assembling my hybrid gas/charcoal grill.. The kicker of it was, on the last piece to be put on, (the cover) there was a sticker that said ….”free assembly available”.. NOW THEY TELL ME!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Amy Prentice says:

    Love the teak dining set Beth Ann! Nice to bring something back from your travels! I brought smaller items since they had to go on a plane….but it’s a nice conversation piece too! The flowers are lovely…..glad you had a Happy Mother’s Day!

  10. We too brought patio furniture back from Haiti. We had the container, as well–why not? However, we sold it before coming to Ecuador, deciding art and books mattered more to us this time around. Can’t wait till we can ship our container here.

    Congrats on the assembly, and happy Mother’s Day–a day late.

    • Aw Kathy!!! So good to hear from you!!!! I bet you are very anxious for your container about now!!! Hope all is going well in Ecuador—-maybe by the time you guys leave I will be able to spell it correctly without relying on spellcheck!!! Hugs!
      Beth Ann

  11. Thanks for humbling me! I was so proud of myself for finally installing, this weekend, the new satellite receiver that DirecTV sent me, nearly a year and a half ago! I was getting warnings on my TV screen that my ancient receiver (12+ years old) was going to be discontinued. A very nice representative, in Oklahoma, walked me through it, and helped me program my remote. She was very patient with me, although I sensed a little exasperation on her part, due in part to my inane questions… It reduced my remotes to two! A much less complicated project than yours, but I felt a great sense of accomplishment. Nice-looking deck furniture, indeed!

    • So glad you got the satellite receiver installed!!!! I suspect you are not the only one who put off doing it. I would LOVE to have only 2 remotes…….

  12. pattisj says:

    Your furniture looks nice, I know you’ll enjoy it–if it ever warms up! 😉 I can’t help noticing how open and neat-looking your neighborhood appears. Where I grew up, hedges typically marked property lines, and here, everyone has a fence, some tall, some short.

    • When we bought our house there was a hideous wooden fence that was around the back yard—but not all of it. It was haphazard and looked ridiculous. The first thing we did the week we moved in was have someone come take it down and move it to their place!!!! All the neighbors were happy. The previous owners had dogs so it was for them but it was ugly. I was surprised it was even allowed as the covenants in our neighborhood are pretty strict about stuff….

  13. What a beautiful looking set of furniture! I hope it will weather well. The raised piece around the umbrella stand – does it spin around so you can put condiments on it? Your yard also looks beautiful. You don’t worry about falling off your deck without any rails? When hubby & I assemble furniture (we have done a lot of it), we have a system where I peruse the instructions, pointing out the highlights & I take care of all the screws & linking materials.

    • Yep—that is a lazy susan which will come in handle when the table is filled with people who need condiments!!! And the deck is not that high so I don’t worry about falling off. The last deck had built in benches which I hated–they were uncomfortable and took up too much space. The good thing they did was break up the wind a bit….things tend to blow around but this furniture is heavy enough and wont’ need cushions since it is so comfy. I am in charge of organizing the screws and stuff, too!!!

  14. That is a beautiful table! Beautiful flowers too. Chicken! Yum!!

  15. That’s a cool table. I’ll bet you feel great that you got it done and can enjoy it now.
    Happy belated Mother’s Day. Looks like you had a good one.

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