Four Years in the Making

We have good intentions, my husband and I.  We often think that we have things all figured out when in reality we have nothing figured out at all. Four years ago found us moving back to our Iowa home from North Queensland, Australia after Chris spent about a year there overseeing the operations of 7 sugar mills.  We had a container coming back and while we had acquired some furniture when we were there we decided to splurge on an outdoor table set to bring back to the US.  We had a container, … [Read more...]

Weinies and S’mores!!!!!

Life is moving right along. I am trying to move along with it. We have a lot to do but we have gotten so much done already it is amazing. My husband has been awesome! He is in "focus mode" and doing what needs to be done. We worked hard---unusual for a Sunday---but we have limited time and need to do what we can while we can. We decided that we needed a fun evening and after finding a table and chairs on clearance and putting it all together on the deck we settled in for a night of … [Read more...]