Saturday YouTube Fun

One of THE best YouTube videos I have seen for quite awhile.  Any cat owner will identify with this one.  Absolutely wonderful!  {Video by Zefrank1}

And another one—-evidently cats and Thundershirts are not a good combo!

Or how about cats wearing shoes?


  1. First time we put a harness on our late great Z Cat we got the same response. Paralyzed… 😀

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these — and almost spit my coffee at the computer screen because I was laughing so hard. Number one is so head on, our kitty has done most of what sad cat mentions… And lately we have had a squirrel that teases her by the big front window!

    • They were hilarious, weren’t they ? And the tone of the narrator was spot on!!! I played it a million times. And the thunder shirt one just about killed me!

  3. oh the cat diary one was too funny. but also sad. I bet that is exactly what they are thinking!

  4. That second one upset me–I wanted to jump in and rescue that cat!

    • i am sorry it upset you!!! I think the thundershirt was working!!! It calmed the kitty down and it wasn’t hurting it at all as you could see when they took it off! 🙂

  5. I enjoyed and laughed at the cat diary. Do you remember what you kids did to our cat?

    • Of course I remember that!!! Putting them in grocery bags, putting model car tires on their tails to watch them flip off….great memories.

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