Amazon, Teachers and Andy the Armadillo

It is the beginning of the month again and that means I tally up the total for Comments for a Cause! This past month “we” supported the Thorne Family trip to the Amazon through Amazon Outreach.  My June 1st post tells you all about Lew and his family and his connection to our family and why we wanted to support this!  I actually have  already made the donation as their trip was in June and they needed the funding BEFORE rather than after so even though my numbers were down a bit for comments this month at 346 (it is the summer, after all!) I made a $300 donation to speed them on their way.  I am anxious to be able to hear someday all about their experiences but YOU made the difference and helped with your comments.

In July I wanted to focus on a group that is close to my heart—teachers.  As many teachers out there know it is a huge responsibility to be a teacher these days.  Add to it the fact that there are budget cuts galore and things just don’t get purchased like they used to.   My sister in law, Colleen, is a teacher—special ed or whatever the appropriate title is these days.  She spends hundreds of her own dollars each year on her students and for things for the classroom.  My father in law used to help her out a bit from time to time with supplies so I figured that was a great thing to do in July so that she could have the money before classes started in mid August.  So for this month all legitimate comments will mean a 50 cent donation to be given for classroom supplies.   Hope you support me as you have all along!!

I am also proud to introduce a new temporary member of our family today.  Andy, the Armadillo belongs to Lenore who blogs over at Lenore’s Thoughts Exactly.  Lenore had adopted Andy through a White Elephant gift exchange and while he was happy with her and his life there she sensed that he needed more adventure so off he went!   Several bloggers have fostered Andy and I, of course, volunteered!!!   Patti from A New Day Dawns sent Andy up from Virginia Beach complete with a little baggie of taffy which he shared with Chris and I upon arrival.   Andy is already integrated into our family and is going to travel with us on our next adventure next week.  Chris says he has to go in my backpack so I am trying to find some sort of cushy environment for him to travel in.   I probably won’t be able to share too many Andy pictures until our return but he will be a star every where he goes!  Thanks, Lenore, for a great fun thing to do .  If anyone is interested in hosting Andy just let Lenore know by checking out her blog here where she has posted links to Andy’s adventures so far.

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  1. Andy the armadillo is like Flat Stanley… Middle read that book this past school year and made a Flat Stanley and took him with her on a weekend trip to grandma’s house! I can’t wait to see the pictures of your adventures together. I’m so behind this cause… it amazes me how much of their own money teachers spend for the classroom. I was in the same boat when I worked as a pre-k teacher…

    • He is exactly like Flat Stanley only dimensional!!! 🙂 And anyone who has a teacher in the family or as a friend knows exactly what teachers give out of their own pocket—it is amazing and commendable but draining! Thanks for the support, Susi!!! Happy Sunday!

  2. Andy appears to have settled in nicely..That’s one lucky armadillo..I hope you all enjoy your upcoming adventures.

  3. Armidillos are such interesting creatures! I have a stuffed one on my desk at work. I’m sure Andy will enjoy traveling with you.

  4. pattisj says:

    I’m glad to see Andy arrived safely, and is bonding with your family. I know he is excited about your upcoming trip!

  5. I love how easily Andy seems to have fit into your life/family, Beth Ann. I am super excited for him and the upcoming journey. As his Mom, I’m a little nervous – but I trust you. 🙂

  6. Randi crook says:

    Hope Andy enjoys his adventure with you. Thank you for supporting teachers this month. I also teach special education and love it! It is a rewarding career choice with lots of peaks but valleys too. Enjoy your backpacking!

    • Thanks, Randi! You are doing great work as a special ed teacher—-it is something that not everyone has the gifts and talents for and I am so glad that there are people like you and Colleen who it is their passion! Thanks for all that YOU do!

  7. Helen Brown says:

    I think it is a great idea for your charity this month because the schools are really having money problems and this can help get some things they need without it coming out of the teacher’s pocket.

  8. A wonderful cause for July!

    And Andy?? How fun!


  1. […] = Sad Face By Beth Ann · Leave a Comment Yes, it is true.  If you have seen my earlier post this week you know about the much anticipated arrival of Andy the Armadillo.  Andy came to me from Patti […]

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