The Virtual Choir

Today while I was running around trying to find things to put into a Welcome to Mason City basket I had to visit my local candle guru, Camille, at Soyphisticated Candles. Now you know I have blogged about her and her fabulous candles before and it is worth a trip to her store if you live here or a gander at her website if you don’t!   Awesome products and nice person to boot!!! Can’t get much better than that.  Anyway, while I was rambling on and on about what I was doing somehow she told me about this fabulous virtual choir that she was a part of.  She was kind enough to email me the link (thanks!!!) and I was so impressed at this awesome thing that was created!!!

A few facts –Camille is obviously a very talented singer and to be a part of this fabulous thing is mind boggling to me!!!   Eric Whitacre is the composer and through his efforts 2052 voices from 58 countries were combined to perform his piece “Sleep”.  It is fabulous.  It is evenly balanced and simply beautiful.  It is amazing what can be done with technology.   Each singer submitted their video with them performing to the virtual direction of Mr. Whitacre and then the videos were all uploaded, assembled, compiled, whatever to create a masterpiece.  Even if you are not a singer or a huge music fan I think you will be amazed at this fabulous work.



I also will include a link where Mr. Whitacre himself addresses the performance and all that went into it.  Enjoy!!!


The World Premier of Virtual Choir 2.0 with Eric Whitacre


  1. Amazing, absolutely amazing.

  2. Though, he kind of reminds me of David Spade. maybe it’s just me.

    • Hmmm……I could not place who he reminded me of but I think you might have hit the nail on the head there!!!! But maybe not as spastic!!!

  3. That Virtual Choir is amazing! Technology at its best. Thanks for the link!

  4. Well, this will be my “learning something new every day!” I’m visiting from Karen and Gerard’s to comment for charity. But it’s a win/win for me. How interesting!

    • Ann–thanks so much for coming over from Karen and Gerard’s!!! And I am glad that you enjoyed the virtual choir!! I just think it is amazing technology and such talented people!!! There is always so much bashing of how bad the world is these days and it is refreshing to me to have a more positive take on life and embrace the good things!!! Have a great day!!!

  5. Wow this was awesome! Loved it. Thank you so much for sharing. Oh, and candles, my passion so since i don’t think I will be in your neighborhood-I will visit the web site.

    • Beth Ann says:

      Oh definitely stop in her website, Katybeth! She has the most awesome products and I am addicted to her lip balm. It is the best stuff I have found!

  6. Candles and music. What more could a gal want on a Sunday? (I’m late reading you)

  7. Beth Ann says:

    Better late than never!! Have a great Sunday!!

  8. Aw Beth, thanks for such a wonderful writeup! I am just so excited about the virtual choir and what it represents, and all the work behind it. About Eric- he’s taller and much more handsome than Mr. Spade, with the charm and charisma (wink) to boot- plus, he’s humble. We met him last summer when he was right here in Mason City for the Iowa Choral Director’s Association conference.

    • You are so welcome! I am one of your biggest fans, you know!!! And thanks for the intel about Mr. Whitacre….I “thought” he was much handsomer than David Spade !!! And to know that he is a nice person to boot makes it even better!!! Thanks for sharing it with me. My husband was in awe!!! And it takes a lot to awe him!!! 🙂

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