One Day Without Shoes |

    And it is ALSO One Day Without Shoes!!!!!!   Kick em off and buy a pair of Toms today!!!  You know you want to and it helps out a child in need with every purchase!!!!  I love my TOMS!!!!! One Day Without Shoes | … [Read more...]

If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Teatime!

I decided to start a new fun thing on Tuesdays!!!  And you get to be a part of it!!!  I collect teapots and Tuesday is the day that I am going to show you my collection, bit by bit!!!   I have a lot so I figure it will keep my Tuesday posts filled for a good long time.  Not sure exactly how many I have at this point since I purged a lot before our move to Australia in 2008 but I still have plenty!!! The above teapot is the one that started it all.   So I figured that was the one I should … [Read more...]