An Eagle Eye View!

This is the coolest thing!  I will admit that I am kind of obsessed with this at the moment.  If I am not playing  Words With Friends I am watching the eagle webcam.  This nest is about 2 hours away from us and has gotten national coverage. There are 3 babies who are all hatched now and the mama and papa (who both happen to be on the nest as I type this) and it is very cool to watch this webcam of them.  Right now there are some water droplets on the camera but I am sure those will dry up and … [Read more...]

Friday Fun!

This week I am remembering to do Hilary's blog hop . Check her out at Feeling Beachie.. This week's co-host is Kipp from Kipp's Version This week’s statements: 1. My favorite kitchen secret is___________ 2. _____is my favorite flavor of ice cream 3. My favorite pair of ______ finally wore out. 4. If I could just have one more ______. 1.  My favorite kitchen secret is kind of a lame one that everyone knows---I can't think this early in the day... To get the most juice out of fresh … [Read more...]