Sharing a Bit of “Cotton”

Book-GiveawayEveryone loves a giveaway and today I am featuring TWO books that you can win with just a comment.  My friend, “Cotton” Ketchie has written several books and today I would love to give away two autographed copies to my readers.

“Cotton” is an accomplished and skilled artist and photographer who features his art at Landmark Galleries in downtown Mooresville, NC.  We have been friends with he and his wife, Vickie, for years and are thrilled to be able to share these books with you as a giveaway on It’s Just Life. IMG_3826 4

The Perfect Christmas Eve is Cotton’s first children’s book and it is beautifully illustrated by Jean Barlow.  It comes with a lovely coloring book so the little ones can color in the coloring book while they enjoy the story.  The book is a poem about a young boy who goes hiking in the woods as it begins to snow and gets dark. He stumbles upon a special house where wonderful things happen.  This is truly a story that children will love to read time and time again.

Trouble in Love Valley is a murder mystery that continues to tell the story of characters that Cotton first introduced in his first novel Little Did They Know.  It is a great book that you will not want to put down once you start reading.

You can enter to win either one or both of these books by simply leaving a comment on this post telling me which ones you would like to win.  I will have two winners chosen by random on December 12th and announce the winners on the blog on December 13th.

Because I know you love my very goofy amateur videos I made one just for you today.  Please feel free to share this giveaway with all your friends because after all—sharing is caring.

Thanks, Cotton, for allowing me the chance to share your talent with my readers today.

book Giveaway from Beth Ann Chiles on Vimeo.

Don’t forget to follow Cotton on Facebook.  He shares his wit, wisdom and photography there on a daily basis and you certainly do not want to miss any of that. Click here to go to his Facebook page or his website.


  1. Vickie Ketchie says:

    This is great, Beth Ann…thanks so much. It was wonderful seeing you last week in Mooresville. Hugs to you and Chris!

    • Thanks for all that you do, Vickie! You know you and Cotton are two of our favorite people in the whole wide world! Thanks for letting me share this with my readers!

  2. I absolutely adore that name, Cotton. As for the books, I’d take either–the kid’s one to stash away for future grandchildren and the murder mystery because I mostly read the mystery genre.

    Just FYI, Buddy and Holly look so relaxed in your video. I kept waiting for one or the other to do something crazy. A bit distracting they were.

    • They are both good ones to add to any collection. Consider yourself entered. The kitties are usually pretty well behaved—as long as the fireplace is on they are just happy these days to curl up together and enjoy the heat.

  3. Everyone loves Cotton Ketchie. I read his posts every morning.

  4. Thanks for promoting authors on your blog. We all appreciate it. Cotton´s books look wonderful.

  5. Both books look delightful and I think I’d enjoy either one. If I had to pick, I’d probably choose the children’s book. Now that I’m getting ready to be a grandma, I’ve got to get that children’s book shelf filled! 😉

  6. Jennifer Bower says:

    Such a talented man! I would love to be entered to win his new book, The Perfect Christmas Eve. Thanks so much!

  7. What a lovely thing to do. 🙂

  8. Hi Beth Ann, I am certainly honored that you are doing this. Vickie and I treasure the friendship and of you and Chris. We miss your smiles and hugs back here in the Old North State. I hope that whoever receives either of my book will enjoy them. Our wish is for you all to have a wonderful Christmas filled with happiness and gratitude. God Bless!!

  9. Jenny Doughty says:

    Please enter me into the children’s book give away!

  10. Please enter me in the adult giveaway, I’ll leave the children’s book for someone with kids. You did a good job on the video and I enjoyed seeing your beautiful cats!

  11. Cynthia Tompkins says:

    Beth Ann…I probably won’t qualify since I interview you every week. That’s okay because it’s a treat to get to do that each week! I think The Perfect Christmas Eve sounds great because I have a grandson, who is four, who does hike in the woods with his dad. That sounds as though it’s right up his alley! He and his dad would love it!

  12. Too bad I was so far behind – I completely missed this! Although with the postage costs to Canada, you might have been grateful 🙂


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