Don’t Worry—She’s Fine–Wordless Wednesday

<p><a href=”″>Holly Gets Stuck</a> from <a href=”″>Beth Ann Chiles</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


  1. Oh, Mom…you aren’t supposed to laugh at her! She certainly looked indignant when she got it off! Glad she didn’t get hurt, Silly Girl.

  2. That is too funny! Guess that was Buddy going to help her? Or get a closer look to laugh at her? I’m guessing she was going for the last chip??

    • She was just being Holly. It just was so funny and I could not stop laughing when she did it a second time. I threw the bag away after that because I figured it could go bad !

  3. Oh she doesn’t looked please with you at all. Only a cat can give that look!

  4. I think your laughter was making me laugh as much as Holly’s predicament! 😉

    • I know—I could not stop giggling at her. The quality of the video was not all that great since I had the tv on in the background but still—you get the idea!

  5. OMG, that is SO hilarious, Beth Ann! Loved hearing your laugh! I miss having cats. They delight–always! Goodness, I’m still chuckling!

    By the way, I have a video on my blog today about the card-making workshop I just taught. If anyone will appreciate it, it’s you. I’m not in your league, but I try. You might enjoy seeing all of the sweet ladies here attempting to do what you do so brilliantly! Wish I could have had you as a guest instructor.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • I just left a comment on your post and it was such a lovely glimpse into your new life there!! I loved the video and what a wonderful way to use your talents! I am thrilled that you have found such a great community to be in and to share your gifts!!! Your students are very talented!!!! Amazing!

  6. Crazy cat. I loved hearing you laugh, too. That was equally as entertaining as Holly.

  7. Helen Brown says:

    Cats seem to love to get into bags and boxes but it is fun to watch.

  8. I think Buddy did help her out, being the chivalrous guy that he is.. And now we have your voice to go with your picture too. It’s a double-header Wednesday.

  9. Who needs TV when you have cats!

  10. Furry comedy, love it!

  11. You are right that she’s not one of a kind as I have her twin!! Loves to get into bags and boxes!

  12. oh my goodness, I can so see our cat doing something like that!! The other day I was doing laundry and he was right up in my business. I turned for a moment to turn some socks inside right, and when I turned back to toss them in the washing machine: there was Cashew sitting IN the washing machine all curled up in the dirty clothes!! crazy cat.

  13. Poor Holly.. she needs a back-up beeper! Beep Beep Beep!!!

  14. I laughed out loud right along with you! I remember our calico cat, Callie, doing the same thing! 😀

  15. Poor kitty!

  16. Uhm, I am going to be a bit of a downer. The video was very funny because it ended well. Loved your laughter and I laughed too but rather half heartedly. Unfortunately, this same scenario does not end well for lots of dogs and cats each year. Enough that a group has been formed to warm pet owners about this danger with hopes of adding warnings on bags. It’s an accident people don’t expect. A client’s dog smothered last year when she got her head caught in a chip bag—the dog was a chow hound and got into the garbage while they were out. End of details. Of-course, I know you would never endanger your precious fur and were within arms distance, the problem is most people just don’t know. Full disclosure, a few years ago Rascal got her head stuck in a cheese bag and the first thing I did was grab a camera. Now, the thought terrifies me and I snip or punch holes in every single bag.

    • warn ^ not warm…sigh.

    • Had no idea that it was this big of an issue but common sense should have told me that. No, I don’t leave bags lying around–this one was next to me on the end table. Both of my cats are crazy about plastic so I have to be careful about that. Also since Buddy loves string and had surgery at 5 months to remove one he had eaten that wrapped around his intestines I have to keep string and rubber bands out of the way. I guess every single thing could be a danger. Same for those plastic rings on pop bottles/cans. I ALWAYS clip the heck out of those before I throw them away because I have seen enough warning videos. Animals will get in to anything —obviously. That was my fear when I posted it that someone would get really upset with me. I am a good pet owner and would not have let harm come but yes—-caution is obviously the best way to go. Thanks for your cautionary tale and warnings. They were heard.

  17. There goes her 15 minutes of fame! Poor kitty.

  18. Ha ha ha!!! So funny! Hearing you laugh made me smile even more. 🙂

  19. Your outtakes were so hilarious! Poor kitty – but that’s what she gets for trying to eat the chip crumbs.

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