My Favorite Things Week—Miel Bee Enlightened Candles


Day 2 of My Favorite Things Week on It’s Just Life features a lovely beeswax candle.   I have to make full disclosure that one of the owners of this Etsy Shop Miel: Bee Enlightened is Hannah who has been dating my youngest son Aaron.  Even if that was not the case I would have fallen in love with these candles that Hannah and Jessica are crafting in Durham, NC.  P1030348

The subtle scent of the beeswax makes it a perfect candle to burn if you don’t want a lot of fragrance but still want the warm glow and aroma of a candle.

Miel Candles are made from locally sourced 100% pure beeswax blended with organic coconut oil to ensure a smooth and long-lasting flame.

They burn so nicely and one of my favorite things is how they arrive –neatly packaged in attractive brown kraft paper or burlap with a touch of rustic whimsy.  Lovely presentation and it just adds to the overall product .

If you are interested in some of your own I am sure Hannah and Jessica would love to help you out with your Etsy order–just stop by their shop by clicking here.P1030346

My giveaway will be for one candle shipped to you.  Just leave a comment in the comment section and a winner will be picked by random and announced on October 2nd.  Please feel free to share using the social media buttons at the bottom of this post.

Please enter every day for the giveaway!  Sunday’s giveaway is here.

I was not paid and did not receive any compensation of any kind for this post.  I just love the product!


  1. Soon it will be candle lighting season in several forms. I don’t burn candles during the summer, but soon we will. Such a lovely soft light in the candles above.

  2. Yes, a perfect time of year to start using candles again. Soft light on these evenings when darkness settles in too early already.

    These candles really are quite attractive and the packaging sounds lovely.

    What’s behind the name “Miel?” A surname or?

  3. Becky Miracle says:

    I am going to have all kinds of new favorite things after this week! Thanks for sharing another good one. The candle looks so pretty and inviting.

    • They are really wonderful candles. I am loving the scent because it is so light and not overwhelming at all. I think anyone who has sensitivities to smell would love this one!

  4. I have a friend who can’t handle the scents usually associated with candles This might just be the candle option for her. Thanks so much!

  5. I’m a candle freak! I always have candles burning in my house.

  6. I LOVE candles and even though I know you can’t possibly send to Switzerland, if I do happen to win, I can give you an address in the states. Glad to have connected.

  7. These sound lovely. I do like to burn candles too especially in the fall and winter but sometimes the scents are so overwhelming that after they burn for awhile, they start affecting my sinuses. So thanks for spotlighting these; I’ll check into them.

  8. These candles look wonderful. Good luck to Hannah and Jessica! I love beeswax products.

  9. I love my beeswax Miel candle. The smell of beeswax is so soothing, and the candle burns so clean. One of my favorite things, too!

  10. Love, love, love candles – especially with cooler weather approaching. These look wonderful.

    • Kim–they are certainly one of my favorite things now and I am thrilled to share! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment and enter. Good luck!

  11. Tomorrow’s autumnal equinox would be the perfect time to resume burning candles. The soft fragrance of the Miel offerings would be a good segue into the baking-theme-scented candles I like to burn in the wintertime.

  12. Hannah’s candles are so pretty! I love burning candles after I pick up or clean the house. Plus, they came in handy when our electricity kept going out earlier this summer:)

  13. Love love love candles and the warmth they give a home during the cooler months!

  14. I can almost smell the beeswax from here!

  15. The glow of a candle in a darkened room is is relaxing!

  16. Looks like a lovely candle.

  17. I love candles. Problem is so does Att and I’m afraid he’ll set himself on fire. Cats and their curiosity.

  18. They look like lovely candles! I enjoy burning candles in the Fall and Winter.. 🙂

  19. Sandy Evans says:

    I will have to try these because I love candles but I can’t tolerate the strong scent that so many candles have. Thanks.

  20. I love this! I am a big candle burner! that sounds weird, but who cares – I love them! It’s so soothing to have on burning in the evening, or while I am in the kitchen. And I am moving towards more beeswax, or soy that are unscented. Some of them are just too over powering.

  21. LOVE the candle that you gave me yesterday. It’s amazing!! I have it burning right now. I am not following them on Etsy, so I can order some more. 🙂

    • I am so glad you like the candle!! YAY! You got the right bag that night!!! They really are great candles, aren’t they? And Hannah is such a great young lady. 🙂

  22. How pretty! Just started being able to light candles, but still got to keep up high!

  23. I’ve always loved candles & was so sad when I had to get rid of my scented ones because they bother my breathing. Hubby hid them in a filing cabinet & I didn’t realize until I opened the drawer one day & nearly fell over with the smell!


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