If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Teapot Day…AGAIN!

And today’s star is the perfect pot for brewing tea to be shared with friends!!! The Longaberger teapot in my collection came via  my very own personal Longaberger representative and blog fan –Becky Miracle.  I love this one.  It is sturdy and large and has brewed many fine cuppas.  Add to it that it features a red design and it is a win win!!!  If you need a Longaberger consultant I would highly recommend Becky—a link to her website here will help you find the perfect basket or Longaberger product for your home or for a gift!


  1. Well THANK YOU for including me in your post. I just love this teapot….but of course I love ALL Longaberger ! I have this one too, but wish they would have added it in the tomato when it was an available color. I am totally enjoying your teapot collection. I could very easily get into collecting them too, but kept myself from doing so since I am not a tea drinker. The Longaberger teapot and a bright red metal teapot that was a gift from Donald’s sister and her husband as a wedding gift to us, are the only ones I own. I’ll just have to enjoy yours!

  2. Ah… classic!! 🙂

  3. pattisj says:

    I didn’t even know they “did” teapots, Beth Ann.

  4. I think this teapot is boring compared to other ones you have posted about.

  5. Simple but lovely. Do you have any turtle pattern pot?

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