Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Austrian Man Wins Right To Wear Pasta Strainer In License Photo : The Two-Way : NPR. You gotta love it.   An Austrian man fought to have the right to wear a pasta strainer, yes folks, a colander, on his head for his license picture.  Not only did he win the fight --being a good blogger like the rest of us he has detailed his story on his blog.   If you read the NPR article above  (just click on the link) there is a place within the article to click on to read his blog which they very … [Read more...]

Teaser Tuesday

Found this great idea through Polychrome Interest today who links to a Tuesday Teaser at Should Be Reading.  The idea is to simply open a book you are currently reading and share 2 random sentences from that page. So here it goes!!!  Join in if you want by adding your "teasers" to my comment area!!! Would love to hear what you are reading!!!   Make sure you include your book title and author! Here's mine!  From Until It's Over by Nicci French. Miles stared at me, still unable to speak. … [Read more...]

If It Is Tuesday it is Time for Teapots!

A Work of Art???  I think so!! Great little pot I picked up about 15 years ago at a department store! … [Read more...]