Teapot Tuesday

My recent trip to Raleigh prompted me to order a teapot (and matching mug) to have at Aaron’s place.  I mean I figure if I do all his ironing the least he can do is house a little teapot, right?  I shipped a bit of my own special Beth Ann’s Brew to him to keep there also and he called to ask me if I had sent him drugs or something.  I guess he is not a tea lover like me.  Here is the cute set that now is housed in Raleigh.






  1. So if you visit me, you’ll do my ironing and then leave behind a cute teapot. Seriously, where do I sign up.

  2. you are so like me… I leave stuff everywhere I travel… I have a full wardrobe at my mom’s house in FL (and we don’t even stay there)

    • Haha! I have had a hairdryer at his place for a long time! Since he has his own place it is nice to be able to leave a few things there to make the packing lighter!!!

  3. I have a beautiful Le Creuset red dutch oven that would match this set perfectly!!! 😉

  4. Like it!

  5. LOL. that’s hilarious about the tea blend. love the red colour!

  6. OK, instead of focusing on that cute teapot, I’ll just say that Aaron definitely has a sense of humor with that comment about what you were sending.

  7. Amy Prentice says:

    Aaron has a great sense of humor….even when he was very young! Love the red teapot! I left a coffee pot at Seth’s apartment as he is not a coffee or tea drinker and I definitely enjoy a cup of java in the morning! Tara has inherited the coffee/tea drinking gene so she has a teapot and a coffeepot at her apartment!!!

    • I love it!!! I think we are so much alike—I would do the same thing if either boy did not have a coffee maker. Coffee first thing for me in the AM and then tea later on!

  8. I would like to ask why I am first on the list for ironing? When have I had you do any ironing when you came to visit? I am forgetfull so I may have forgotten.

    • Because you asked if you left it on your guest bed if I would do it the next time I came! You have never asked me to do it but I most certainly would!!!

  9. That teapot set looks so inviting, I love the colour it is like a red/burnt orange 🙂

  10. I know how you love red! Sorry to have been so absent recently, my friend. Getting ready to move is a bit overwhelming at times. Love and hugs to you.

  11. What a great teapot and cup. Is this your way of telling us your house overfloweth with teapots and you’re looking for satellite locations around the country to contain them?

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