Misery Loves Company


My husband is Mr. Logistic.  He is very good at planning and organizing trips and he loves to do it. This Christmas adventure that we are on was one of his best efforts.  Until the weather hit.  Enter chaos.

We had planned to leave Iowa and spend the night before our early flight near the airport in Minneapolis in order to be there in the wee hours.

Enter the blizzard.  Interstate 35 closed.  White out conditions.  It is never good when the state you live in has gates on the interstates to shut them down. We left at 2:30 am and could not get out.  Chris got us on a little later flight.  We checked at 5 am and the interstate was still closed.  The wind had died down so we decided to try a back way .  I was white knuckling it while he drove but once we made it out of Iowa the roads were better and about half way there we were sailing along on clear roads.  Crisis averted though we arrived in Pittsburgh a little later and a little tired.

Family time with my side was wonderful.  We were all there with the exception of one (my niece’s husband could not get it all worked out with work) but we had a great time. Brown Family Christmas 2012-redo

Then it was off to Ada to celebrate with Chris’s side.  Another delightful experience and great time!!! Yummy food by Colleen and great company!P1110996

Always vigilant Chris is keeping his eye on the weather and lo and behold—a huge winter storm is coming our way.  We decided to leave Ada a night early and head to Columbus where we were to fly out later the next day.  We got a hotel right next to the airport and spent the night.  Great decision as the storm came in.  In the morning our hotel window started to look like this. Ice, freezing rain and sleet.hotel

Then the snow came.  And came.  And came.  Micah’s flight got delayed. Then canceled.  He got rebooked for the next morning to go back to Jacksonville.  Our flight to Raleigh was still on.  We waited.  It got delayed.  But it was still going.  Chris and Aaron and I headed to the airport—Raleigh bound.   A half hour before it was to take off they cancelled it.  Sigh.  Aaron has a wedding he is in and has to be back for on Friday and our next chance to get out to Raleigh was Friday morning. Aaron found a flight to Charlotte on Wednesday night and a friend who would take him from Charlotte to Raleigh so he booked it and hopefully it will work out.  Chris and I are giving up and going home.  It was not meant to be.

Sometimes the best laid plans go by the wayside when Mother Nature is involved.  We are safe and warm in a hotel and have all the things we need but it is still disappointing when it was all planned out so nicely.  I really wanted to spend time with Aaron and see my BFF and go to church at my old church but it is not to be this time.  So instead we will go home early and work on house projects.  Maybe a better use of our time but not nearly as fun.

As I was writing this Aaron texted me that he thinks his flight is canceled.  Wonderful.  Maybe a good thing we did not cancel the rebooked one we did for him on Friday morning. That may be as good as it gets.  (Later on Aaron decides to rent a car and drive back home.  We are still just going home.  Aaron will drive and hopefully be back in plenty of time for the wedding rehearsal on Friday.  He definitely added the stress points up today.)

Have you ever had big plans get changed and how do you react to it?  Do you embrace it or grumble?


  1. So glad we do not have to travel anywhere for the holidays.

  2. Oh man…..
    Marc and I once were going to Bermuda. He had an appointment there and our plane got canceled. we could have gone on a later flight but he would have missed his meeting. So we rescheduled for a week later (oh, when the weather was better)…So I guess in a way we embraced the change, although I sure was complaining a lot!

    • I am trying not to complain but I really really really wanted to go to North Carolina!!!! But it is not to be. Going to go in less than 3 weeks so I guess that will have to do. It was just frustrating because we were on such a great schedule and it went crazy on day one!

  3. I was wondering if you were being impacted by the latest storm and now I have my answer. I pray Aaron gets to the wedding on time and that you and Chris get home safely. It is disappointing to miss out on these celebrations. I remember one year when we had to reschedule the Helbling family Christmas three times. Now we gather in the summer, not the winter. Makes life easier with travel and the ever-growing family.

    • Aaron is well into West Virginia by now and says the drive is fine once he got out of Ohio. Micah made his Atlanta connection –said it took 20 minutes in Columbus to deice so his tight connection got tighter but he made it. Chris and I are to go out tonight —I don’t have a seat assignment so keeping fingers crossed!

  4. These delays are obstacles are always frustrating since you can’t predict them at all. I feel for all of you. Happy holidays and I hope you stay safe.

    • We are safe. That is what matters. Not snowbound in a drift or anything—but in a hotel. It was just frustrating because we had it all planned out so well. A lot of canceling of cars and rooms and reservations for the hubby. Boy number 1 is halfway home and boy number 2 in rental car is well on his way.

  5. You have had quite a time with the weather on this trip. I’m glad you got to spend time with both sons and both sides of family. It is disappointing when plans change. I’m not as flexible as I’d like, I tend to grumble at first, but then try to find the good in it. We were on our way to Disney World in a family caravan. The rental company didn’t provide the promised vehicle that would transport our daughter’s family and us, so we were split into two vehicles. We were on the first leg of our journey, planning to meet with the other 2/3 of the family when the car I was driving had a tire blow out. It was late, on an unlit stretch of road, when hubby put the spare on and we made our way to the first destination. The next morning, Sunday, the rest of the fam left for FL, and we had to wait until Monday when the dealer was open to get the wheel and tire replaced. The local car rental company was corporate, while the one we rented the car from was a franchise, and they couldn’t swap vehicles. Hubby and I had two days vacation, alone, which was nice once the initial disappointment waned.

    • Oh my goodness–that sounds like a horrible experience and I agree—I whine and then try to be positive. I am a planner and when the plans go awry I don’t always adapt to it immediately!

  6. I’m sorry the weather messed up your plans but I’m glad you are safe and sound. Better luck next time!!! xoxo

    • We are all fine—Chris and I are to fly out tonight so hopefully we will be home by tomorrow night. You just can’t count on midwest weather in the winter!!!

  7. All’s well that ends well.. Safety first… Better safe that sorry… And all of the other clichés, that are so true.. I’m glad everyone is safe and sound and on the ground. Happy New Year to all.

    • Thanks, Jake. Are you getting any of the lovely white stuff??? Looks like it is going north . I will just be glad to get back home, I guess.

      • We got a tiny bit for my ride home last night, a little slippery but, really not that bad. It changed to rain and was gone this AM. We have been very fortunate with the weather so far.. I know that you and the rest of the country hasn’t been that lucky. With heavy snows, tornadoes, and ice.. Stay safe. Happy New Year to you and Chris and to the rest of the clan of course.

  8. Had you heard about Mark? Paula and Carl started out but there was an accident in the road and they could not get here so went home and called and said they could not get him to the airport. He found out his plane did go out! That didn’t help either. He had to wait until Saturday to go. He is doing a lot of reading.

  9. Margaret Sullivan says:

    I am so glad that you have a fantastic holidays. Happy new year.

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