Basketball Anyone?

I love to watch basketball and even if I do not know all of the rules I do love to watch a great competition.  Both of our boys played rec ball growing up and I loved to go watch those games.  Aaron was a scrappy little player and even if he was small he hung in there with the big guys.  One time I remember him hanging onto the ball so tightly that another player actually lifted him up off the floor by holding the ball, too!   Pretty funny stuff and while neither boy went on to play in the … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

Do you see any similarities in the pictures???   Hint:  I am the baby in the first picture. It's the Beth Ann head tilt!!!!! Joining up with Hilary at Feeling Beachie  andThe Tennerys at Today with the Tennerys. … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday

A cute red patterned teapot all ready to serve some Valentine's Day tea!!!  An inexpensive find at Home Goods--one of my favorite places to shop! … [Read more...]

A Foggy Beach and A Heap of Shrimp

Chris had a business trip to Houston and so I got to tag along and spend the weekend before the work began with him. We chose to stay in Galveston, thinking the beach would be nice and even if it was cool at least we would be able to walk on it and enjoy the scenery.  What we did not count on was the rain and fog.  The entire weekend was pretty miserable weather wise but we muddled through and made our way about town.  The first night there we feasted on shrimp at a local restaurant---Willie G's … [Read more...]

Blessings in a Jar

One of the latest things floating around Facebook land and all things Pinterest is a take on the Blessing Jar.  I decided to give it a go this year and see what I could do with it.   The concept is very simple---take a jar and over the year place in it notes of  things that you are grateful for, memories that you don't want to forget, experiences that are over the top and in general --just every thing that makes you smile.  At the end of the year you can take the papers out and relive those … [Read more...]

Happy Australia Day!

I have a heart for the Australians and for their beautiful country since we lived there for a short time.  Today (or yesterday if you are in Australia) is their day to celebrate Australia Day!!!!   I am thankful for the folks Down Under who helped make my adventure there pretty wonderful!!! … [Read more...]

Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun!

it's Friday and time to join Hilary at Feeling Beachie for the weekly fill in the blank blog hop!!!    It's a great way to meet other folks and share a bit about yourself each week.  Make sure to add your link on her blog so others can check out what you have to say!!!  The last two are from me this week!!!!! This week’s statements: 1. Making ____ is ____ 2. I get ___ easily 3. The number of emails in my inbox is _________ and ____________ 4. Traveling _______________ makes me … [Read more...]

A Chicken Purse, A Transporter and A Long Awaited Meeting

What a day!!!!   It is Wednesday night when I write this and I am recovering resting easily in my hotel room after a fun filled evening with Bernie of One Mixed Bag fame.  I "met" Bernie awhile ago through a blog hop and have followed her blog religiously ever since I found her.  She is funny and witty, gifted and creative, open and sincere and has the biggest heart of anyone I have met recently. When Bernie told me she was coming to visit her awesome friends in Duluth and beyond I was hoping … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

Joining Hilary at Feeling Beachie  and The Tennerys! … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday

My recent trip to Raleigh prompted me to order a teapot (and matching mug) to have at Aaron's place.  I mean I figure if I do all his ironing the least he can do is house a little teapot, right?  I shipped a bit of my own special Beth Ann's Brew to him to keep there also and he called to ask me if I had sent him drugs or something.  I guess he is not a tea lover like me.  Here is the cute set that now is housed in Raleigh.   … [Read more...]