Nothings Says I Love You Like Matching Outfits

The closest I have ever come to dressing like my spouse has been at Halloween parties in years gone by. A lot of years gone by! Mr. Diamond is always sending me interesting articles and bits of trivia to use on my blog.  Recently he sent me an article that he read in the Wall Street Journal that caught my eye.  Mainly because it is all about love.  And I am nothing if I am not a love promoter. Evidently there is a new trend in China that (keeping my fingers crossed) may hit the United … [Read more...]

Guilty Complex: Do You Have This One?

How many of you out there in the blogosphere can identify with having a difficult time leaving  a book unread?   Raise your hand.   I see you!!!  And I understand.  I totally get it. A recent trip to the library netted me about 8 books.  I read 4 of them.  I returned the others without reading them.  I started all 4 of them.  They did not pull me in . They did not scream at me "Stay up all night to finish me!"   They simply did not have the hook that kept me reading. I usually give a book … [Read more...]

The New Fashion for Biking?

I am always happy to share my eclectic finds with my readers.  I am a giver like that, you know???  When I read this article in the Wall Street Journal magazine I was amazed that I did not come up with this fashionable idea myself.  I am sure these products are going to be leaping off the shelves at approximately $609 each.  Who says you have to have helmet hair?   Who says that biking can not be where you make your own fashion statement??? Two Swedish designers have come up with possibly the … [Read more...]