Blog Hop Around the World

I was invited by the wonderful Patti Jarrett from A New Day Dawns to join in the fun of a Blog Hop Around the World.  I told her I would join in but as I write this I am not sure how great of a post it will be.  Typical Beth Ann fashion---I jump in and say yes without really thinking it through but I will give it a good ole try. I guess the hardest thing for me was to think about what "creative" thing I wanted to focus on in this post.  I do a bit of writing, a bit of photography and a bit of … [Read more...]

The Write Stuff

This past week I was thinking about how things change over time.  I must be feeling nostalgic or something but I spent a little bit of time reminiscing about how things used to be when I was younger and one of those memories was about how we used to communicate with one another. I went to a college that was several hours away from where my parents lived and since it was long before the ease of having cell phones at our disposal we had to come up with other methods of keeping in touch.  The … [Read more...]

International Label Day

It's here! It's here!!! International Label Day!!!!  If you are like me you were unaware of the existence of International Label Day but I suspect that some of my more savvy friends like Katybeth at Odd Loves Company were already aware of the existence long before me.  I was given a heads up to it by Rara who writes over at Rarasaur.  Last year she did a fabulous post about it and this year she will do the same.   Since I am a member of Team Poblano she invited me to join in the fun this year … [Read more...]

Dangled Carat

My friend, Hilary, from Feeling Beachie fame has written a book and I was privileged to read an advance edition of it months ago.  It is a great memoir based on the commitment issues that her now husband, Marc, had and how they worked through it.  It is a really great book and I am privileged to have read it before it was actually published. Hilary is working on publishing options and has the book in the hands of two agents right now so things are looking very hopeful that this book will … [Read more...]

Scribbled Notes

I mistakenly left my shopping list on the kitchen counter the other day. Chris laughed at the list and thought it was a little bizarre the combination of items that appeared in my scrawling handwriting but I saw nothing out of the ordinary about it whatsoever. I mean who doesn't shop for beauty and cosmetic items and things for the outdoor critters??? You all know that I love the handwritten notes that my brother in law, Carlton, always used to leave me when we were living with him. Here is … [Read more...]

Skewered Halo Blog Party

Let's celebrate today in another way!! Brenda Youngerman has done it again with her latest book---Skewered Halo. She is sponsoring a blog party today and it is gong to be fun!!!!  She even has cupcakes for us on her blog!!!  Thanks, Brenda!!! Read all the reviews here! How often do we say words that hurt others in our lives???  Hopefully when we do it is unintentional but in the case of Diane in Skewered Halo, Brenda Youngerman’s latest book, the words that her sister spoke to her when she … [Read more...]

Great Blogging Anniversary Link Up

My bloggy friend, Sweaty, of Do Sweat the Small Stuff is celebrating with 4 others her first blogaversary!!!  And because she is such a cool person she is doing a really neat anniversary link up complete with prizes!!! So of course I decided to show her my bloggy support and join in.  Check out her blog for more details--it is worth a look. She is an amazing person who is honest and writes about some really heartfelt topics that people don't always talk about.  And of course, check out the blogs … [Read more...]

Dear Miss Insecurity

My friend, Bernie, over at One Mixed Bag used a writing prompt from The Lightning and the Lightning Bug today and I think it is such a great idea that I am going to do it, too, and jump on in!! Thanks, Bernie, for the great letter you wrote---here is mine!  The instructions are to write a letter to yourself at age 16.  Here it goes!   Dear Miss Insecurity, I just wanted to let you know that life is going to be so great for you!  Right now you are in a a funk.  You think that you … [Read more...]

There’s a World of Blogs out There!

It is amazing to me how many blogs there are going out there that are worth reading!!! I could spend literally hours hopping around from blog to blog finding ones that enlighten and amuse. I have to really limit myself or I could become very easily addicted to reading blogs all day long! Since I have jumped over to WordPress as my blog site I have struggled a bit with trying to figure out how to add subscriptions and read blogs that are ones that are interesting. When I used Blogspot it was … [Read more...]