Wordless Wednesday

Hamburger Eyeshadow brought to you by Burger King-Netherlands … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday!!!!

      and also link up at Hilary's at Feeling Beachie!!! … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday—Almost

I found this in my bag of potting soil.......I shudder to think why it was in there.  Thoughts??? … [Read more...]

Mini Me?

Chris took this picture in the Kuala Lumpor airport.  I tried to highlight the part you are to look at but was unsuccessful for some reason.   Hopefully if you click on the picture you will be able to see it and enlarge.  Check out the little monk on the monk's backpack.  Funny?  I think so!!!  Happy semi-wordless Wednesday! … [Read more...]

Hitchin’ A Ride

Wordless Wednesday brought to you today by the Cane Toad..... Our little friend grabbed onto the plant when I was was hanging it back up.....I was cracking up.  For those of you who do not know what a cane toad is here is the Wikipedia link so you can learn more!!! Blog hop sponsored today by Java at Never Growing Old.  Hop on over and link up your Wordless Wednesday post!!! … [Read more...]

Drum Roll, Please!!!!!

For those of you have been following me for a couple of weeks or more you may remember the post on June 1st I posted a picture of a whole bunch of stuff that I had bought at Archiver's on a recent trip with my sister to the store at the Mall of America. I promised a $25 Hobby Lobby gift card to the person who guessed the closest to what the actual cost was.  And we have a winner!!!  It is none other than my friend Diane from Simply Diane.   Diane guessed $140 and sad to say my total was … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday Already!

May the pox be with you---chicken pox that is!!! Click on picture to see the massiveness of the pox on my sweet babies a few years back!!!!  Poor Aaron was too little to scratch and his little hands would just ball up when he itched and he couldn't figure out what to do!!!   Thank goodness they got them when they were little and not older!!! Thanks to Java at Never Growing Old for the blog hop today!!! Check out her blog!!! … [Read more...]