Teapot Tuesday—-Wedding Style

What could be more perfect than helping two young love birds celebrate their special day? Not much but when the young couple wants to thank you for the help you offered during the weekend with a present it makes anyone smile.  Now when that present is a TEAPOT it is like winning the best prize ever!!!!   What a sweet present and one that will ALWAYS make me smile and think of a lovely day spent with some truly special people. The wedding was so sweet---simply perfect and this … [Read more...]

Pulling It All Together

Ahhhhhhhh………don't you just wish you were lounging by this lovely turquoise water in Bermuda about now?  I know I am wishing that my toes were in the sand there about now but for now this will have to suffice. I think it is just kind of that time of year for a lot of us.  I feel a little bit like this guy that I saw on Facebook today. I am feeling a bit frazzled but today I am pulling it all together and going to regroup and refocus my efforts to get my life together. I am … [Read more...]

Does Anyone Really Know What Life Will Bring?

28 years ago today Chris and I were married.  It has been a fabulous 28 years.  Not, mind you, without the usual challenges and life dramas but through it all Chris and I have been blessed with the ability to talk to one another and get through whatever the hurdle is.  One thing has always remained strong and that is our love and respect for one another.  I know that not everyone can say that they have experienced the same in their lives but for us it has been easy going for the marriage aspect … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Nathan and Rachael Youmans!

Just a few pictures of the special day and a few of those who helped celebrate with them. I did not do too great of a job of photo documentation but will gather some from other people along the way! It was a beautiful ceremony and we were so blessed to be there to celebrate with them! I was too wrapped up in the ceremony to take pictures at all!!! … [Read more...]