Sunny Skies, Warm Sand, Rainbows and Gentle Breezes

If you are anything like me you look forward to March because it usually means that spring is on  the way.  It has been a pretty brutal winter in the Midwest and quite frankly almost everywhere so when the hubby suggested a Valentine's Day trip to Bermuda  I jumped on the proverbial plane bandwagon and got ready to enjoy some warmth and fun in the sun.  Little did I know all the twists and turns that life would take prior to the trip.  I am often grateful that I can not see into the … [Read more...]

A lot happened while I slept last night---sad stuff and I wish it hadn't happened.  The largest earthquake to hit Japan in recorded history occurred  and now the threat of aftershocks and tsunamis in Hawaii and the west coast.  The Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake was horrible and many lives were lost and there was so much damage.  Australia is still under flooding and in other parts of the world other things are happening and it just makes you wonder what all is going on with Mother … [Read more...]