I’ll Do it Frank Sinatra Style

The viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge came my way. Miranda from Plus Sized Mama and author of Lemonade and Holy Stuff challenged me.  I get what the intention was in the beginning. Well, kind of.  Bring awareness to the horrid disease that takes the joy of living from so many people. I did a bit of research online so that I could be more educated on the disease. What has gotten lost in the challenge, however, is the education and the actual donations to a reputable charity that is in dire need of … [Read more...]

Drum Roll Please!!!!! From Kids to Burritos!

Comments for a Cause rocks!!! I have been so excited to promote various "causes" over the past few months by promising to donate 50 cents for each legitimate comment on my blog during the month to whatever the charity of the month is.  This month I designated UNICEF to be the recipient and I am happy to report that I got a total of 214 comments during October so I will be sending $107 to UNICEF to help further their aid to children around the world. Not too long ago I read an article in my … [Read more...]