Thanksgiving IS the REAL DEAL!

Seems there is a trend to skate through holidays like they don't even exist anymore in our country and it makes my heart just a little bit sad.  Wait--more than a little bit sad. I have always loved Thanksgiving.   Probably more than Christmas because it just seemed simpler. Thanksgiving has always been family time for me.  Time spent with family watching the Macy's Parade,  preparing a fabulous meal, eating maybe a bit too many mashed potatoes, watching football games, taking a … [Read more...]


Memorial Day is more than cookouts and the start of summer.  We love this weekend because that is what it is for many of us.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that---I am all for steaks on the grill, potato salad and some patriotic dessert featuring strawberries and blueberries in the shape of the flag.  But honestly, it is so much more. I read a little article the other day in USA Today that I strongly would recommend you hop over to read.  The article, This Memorial Day, Show Military … [Read more...]

Act of Kindness Grows Through Facebook!

Just goes to show you that Social Networking Media does have its positive effects----not all of it is self absorbed and ego centric!!!  Way to go!!! … [Read more...]

Sometimes You Can Get Something for Free—Just When You Need it Most!

I am a firm supporter of doing for others who are down on their luck. I think I passed that trait along to Aaron who at times will give the change out of his car to a homeless person or share a sandwich and drink with someone who is hungry. That is a good trait and I always give with the idea that once I give it it is no longer mine and totally up to that person what to do with it----I do not pass judgment! Or at least I TRY not to pass judgment! You just never truly know someone's … [Read more...]

More consumers pack lighter, smarter to save when flying –

Great article about travel restrictions for those of you are are looking forward (or maybe dreading!) flying this summer.   I posted a video not too long ago about the "roll method" of packing which I attempted on my last trip to North Carolina.  It worked great for me and I as able to really pack a lot of stuff . The downside was that since I had several destinations I had to keep taking the layers off to get to the bottom layers.   For the most part it did work. Getting ready for another … [Read more...]