And Are We Yet Alive?

This week I am enjoying my annual retreat from reality.  Though my husband would probably say that I retreat daily.....nonetheless--I am enjoying R & R, family time, vacation, and worship all rolled into one!   I am at Lakeside on Lake Erie for the week ---I grew up coming here this time each year with my family as it is the week of East Ohio Annual Conference for the United Methodist Church.  Since my Daddy was a UM minister it was part of what we did each year.  While he sat in business … [Read more...]

The Results Are In!!!

This month I promised to make a donation to the National Parkinson Foundation for every legitimate comment made on my blog during the month of April.  By legitimate I mean from real people and not spammers!!! There are a lot of those out there in the blogosphere.  I blogged about it for the first time here.  Well, the results are in and after going through all of my comments for the month I had an all time high of 153 comments (not including my responses) .   I know that commenting on blogs is … [Read more...]

Three Things I Love !

This combines several things that I love. Hospice, animals/pets and the United Methodist Church. All working together to make life and death a little easier for loved ones. What a great video and a great idea. … [Read more...]