Comments Pave “The Way”

During the month of December I designated Comments for a Cause to go to UMCOR specifically directed to relief efforts for Tyhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.  I am happy to report that with your help we will be donating $234.50 to UMCOR directly for aid to continue to be given to help the folks in this disaster ravaged area.   Our family also designated this as the Christmas charity this year so it was a family effort also and I am thrilled that so much was donated to help in this extreme time of … [Read more...]

Applause, Applause, Applause

The month of November was a challenge in several ways and one of them was that I committed to write a blog post every single day. If you have followed me for any length of time you know that I normally average about 5 posts a week with 2 of those being taken up with Teapot Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday.  I normally do a blog hop on Friday that Hilary at Feeling Beachie hosts but the past month I have put that on the back burner and done more writing posts.  Add to it that our Comments for a … [Read more...]

NaBloPoMo + Amazon Smiles

Before you think I am speaking in a foreign language let me explain.   In the month of November writers and bloggers everywhere make a pledge to write every day.   For writers the goal is to write a novel during the month.  A pretty lofty goal but what a great way to get started.   The official link for this is located here---National Novel Writing Month.  It's a great thing.  I have dreams of writing a book but honestly----I don't know if that is ever going to happen.  If it does I suspect it … [Read more...]


It is November 1st and that means time to reveal the results from Comments for a Cause for October and let you in on our new cause for November. First of all--thank you to all who commented---especially those new folks who stopped by from Rez Dog Rescue----my cause for October.  You guys rock!!!   If you want to read more about Rez Dog Rescue check out this post where I "introduced" them.  This month I received 414 comments on my blog posts and an additional 46 on Facebook on posts so the grand … [Read more...]

Princess Parties, Hot Meals and Give A Ways!!! Wild Wednesday!!!

I have lots of different things to post today so stick with me!!! It will be worth it---I PROMISE!  First of all it is Wordless Wednesday over at Never Growing Old so I will start out with my picture for the day! Seen in a hotel parking lot in Chicago area.   Make your own conclusions what a princess party offers..... Now on to other exciting things!!!  Since I found the idea through Karen and Gerard to donate for each comment made on my blog to a charity that I truly believe in---I … [Read more...]

Friday Fill Ins Mid Way Through the Day!

I have been a smidge bit busy lately.   Traveling, a wonderful visit from my sister and then more travel and I have been off of my bloggy routine.  Please please forgive me!!   I have a giveaway in the works so stay may post again I say....stay tuned!! I am going to play along with Hilary today and do her Friday Fill Ins and link to Java at Never Growing Old.   Better late than never, right??? Here it goes: Each week, Hilary lists  four statements with a blank … [Read more...]

The Results Are In!!!

This month I promised to make a donation to the National Parkinson Foundation for every legitimate comment made on my blog during the month of April.  By legitimate I mean from real people and not spammers!!! There are a lot of those out there in the blogosphere.  I blogged about it for the first time here.  Well, the results are in and after going through all of my comments for the month I had an all time high of 153 comments (not including my responses) .   I know that commenting on blogs is … [Read more...]