Wordless Wednesday—Texas Forever!

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Wordless Wednesday

  Linking up with the following Wordless Wednesday Blog Hops today!!! Feeling Beachie Today with The Tennerys … [Read more...]

A Foggy Beach and A Heap of Shrimp

Chris had a business trip to Houston and so I got to tag along and spend the weekend before the work began with him. We chose to stay in Galveston, thinking the beach would be nice and even if it was cool at least we would be able to walk on it and enjoy the scenery.  What we did not count on was the rain and fog.  The entire weekend was pretty miserable weather wise but we muddled through and made our way about town.  The first night there we feasted on shrimp at a local restaurant---Willie G's … [Read more...]

I Am WiFi

Did you hear the latest about the human WiFi connections???  Austin, TX hosts the annual South by Southwest Festival and it is a huge thing!!!  Our oldest son is a big fan of this huge music festival when he lived in Austin and still is.  It is one of the best things about Austin.   This year they are trying something that has proved to be a tad controversial as I discovered via The Today Show. Austin, like any big city, has a pretty large homeless population.  Factor in the warm climate and … [Read more...]

I’m Dreaming of…….

Dreams are funny things, aren't they???  I have always had fairly vivid dreams ever since I was little.  I get that from my mom.  She tells the story of dreaming about fighting with my dad (which if you ever met my daddy you would know that that was next to impossible because he just didn't fight!) and waking up and just being so mad at him she could hardly stand it.  He questioned her and she told him that she knew it was just a dream but that she was just really mad at him and he had better … [Read more...]

SXSW Offers Free Festival Sampler on iTunes! | SXSW.com

SXSW Offers Free Festival Sampler on iTunes! | SXSW.com. … [Read more...]

Reflections on the Week Gone By

We had such a great time last week----as most of you know we spent 8 days in Austin, TX for Thanksgiving. We decided last year that we would start our own traditions at Christmas and instead of driving like idiots for a very short visit with our families in Ohio we selfishly are blocking out Thanksgiving week for just Chris, Beth Ann, Micah and Aaron. We started last year with a trip to Amelia Island in Florida, rented a condo we found on VRBO.com and had a great time (other than the ant … [Read more...]