You May Have To Wait in Line—I’m Signing Autographs These Days

I know you all think that I am just a 50 something woman from the Midwest who spends her time collecting teapots and spoiling her cats.  I am about to crush those images for you so be prepared. I figured out long ago that I may not be cut out for fame and fortune and I am okay with that.  I like my life.  Scratch that.  I love my life.  All of it. All the bits and pieces. All the messiness of it sometimes is what makes my life my life. But I am like many who get dazzled by celebrity status … [Read more...]

Roll Those Highlights of 2014

It's been an interesting year so far, hasn't it?  Just a few things have happened since the year started. At least 50 people reportedly burned themselves trying to throw boiling water in the air during the Polar Vortex. The country ran out of Velveeta! It got so cold an escaped prisoner, Robert Vick from Kentucky, turned himself back into jail when the temperatures hit minus 20 and he was dressed in prison attire and decided it was just a bit too nippy for him. The Winter Olympics held … [Read more...]

I’ve Been Dreaming of the Perfect Car—-I May Have Found It!

Finally.  The perfect car.  Oh yes---I know what you are thinking.  We all have specific ideas of what comprises the perfect vehicle but I think I may have found it and it could be mine for just one short day.  The Weinermobile---yes---you read correctly.  The Weinermobile. For a very short time anyone can join in on the chance to "lease" the car for the day by simply tweeting about their love of  all things Weinermobile.  The contest is the brain child of the  Oscar Mayer folks and for a … [Read more...]

All Things Considered

All things considered I love the accessibility of social media. I love being able to have the world at my fingertips.  I absolutely love all of my electronic devices that allow me to post, chat, peruse, read and catch up with people in my life.  But works against me. I am on Facebook and have been for quite a few years.  I originally fought it when my sister, who was in graduate school at the time, tried to get me to join so that I could be a part of her … [Read more...]

World Poopin’ Day–March 13th–Making the World a Better Place One Movement at a Time

You read correctly!  In an effort to always try to be in the forefront of news I am bringing to you the fact that today is World Poopin' Day!  Thanks to a tweet by I found this out this morning after my last post about my Delta experience.  There is no law that says I can only have one post per day, is there?  This makes up for the days when I did not post something of significance!!! So what is World Poopin' Day?  According to the website : Poop is taboo let's change that … [Read more...]

Are Blogs Dying? Please Say It Isn’t So!

I just read this article in The New York Times saying that blogs are on the way out. Well, that isn't exactly what it said--you can read the entire article if you click on the link at the bottom of the page.  What it did say was that the younger set of folks who had blogged are turning to Facebook and Twitter as a means of getting their thoughts out rather than the typical blog.  Well, yea, that does not surprise me at all.  As a matter of fact I myself post my blog to both and probably get the … [Read more...]

I Am An Open Book….And So Are You!

It is funny how technology changes things.   Since we got our first Gateway computer back in the dark ages until now things have changed dramatically.  And I am not talking just in size or amount of electronic devices that are available.  I am talking about how much people can find out about you---without you even knowing it or realizing it.   Our youngest son has always cautioned me about divulging too much online or about being smart about things.  Well, I … [Read more...]

A paranormal mystery – Freeport, IL – The Journal-Standard

How cool is this?  This was on my Twitter Feed from Kindle!  A link to Freeport where we used to live---it is such an amazing world!!!  She published right to Kindle which is pretty amazing to me!!!  And it gives great hope to those who do not want to slog through the traditional publishing process!!!  And of course I will be downloading this one!!! A paranormal mystery - Freeport, IL - The Journal-Standard. … [Read more...]