Teapot Tuesday Already??

Where has the week gone???? It is time to feature yet another one of my teapots from my massive collection!!!  This one is to honor picnics, ants and sunny skies!   Makes you just wanna go out and have a picnic with a loved one!   … [Read more...]

I Pity The Fool Who Doesn’t Check Out Teapot Tuesday!

Oh come on!!!  YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT!   My latest acquisition thanks to the shopping prowess of my best friend, Ann, who discovered this delight on Etsy.  It is my favorite today and you can see why!!! What character! What pizazz!   The artist, LennyMud can be found on Etsy if you click the link and has quite an offering of unique and awesome ceramic creations!   This is what the artist says about herself: About Lenny is the name of my studio cat. I make the pots and Lenny breaks them: this … [Read more...]

If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Teapot Day —#6

This teapot was one that I found that I bought for myself for my collection just because it is so different.  I honestly don't remember where it was that I found it but it is pretty neat, huh?  Their heads are the lid and their outstretched arms are the spout.  I don't think I have ever actually had a pot of tea made from this one ---seems cannibalistic or something!    Today I will most be drinking iced tea---Mr. Weatherman says high of 89!!! What is going on here?? I won't complain and will … [Read more...]

If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Teapot Day–#5

Continuing my Tuesday posts of a teapot from my massive collection!!!  Today's teapot is Royal Tara from Ireland.  When Micah was in high school he took a couple of trips overseas.  One of these trips involved a trip to Ireland and guess what---he actually bought me a teapot and brought it home for me!!!  Awesome!!!  One of my favorites--but then ---which ones aren't my favorites???   :-) … [Read more...]

If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Teapot Day-3

As promised....another from my collection! This set was purchased at an estate auction in Freeport, Illinois somewhere around 1995-96. I fell in love with it even though there were some chips and the sugar bowl handle was totally missing.  Someone loved this set a lot!  It was not a set that was just set in a cupboard or on a hutch.  It was a set that was used to serve tea to friends and family. Maybe that is what drew me to it.  I think I paid $20 for the set and once I got it home I loved it … [Read more...]