Traveling? Do’s and Don’ts for Both the Experienced and the Novice Airline Traveler

An updated version of a recycled post with a few more tips tacked on. The whole Knee Defender episode has gotten a lot of people hot under the collar about flying these days.  Yes, leg room is less as airlines are cramming more seats into aircrafts and overbooking their flights but it does not mean that people need to be nasty.  I have been known to recline my seat but usually only on longish flights and never when there is a meal service being offered.  Different planes vary on how upright … [Read more...]

Travel Do’s and Don’ts

I am a traveling kind of gal. Whether it be by car or airplane--whatever means it takes to get me from Point A to Point B ---I usually love the entire experience.  The past couple weeks have included trips to Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and South Dakota.   Like I  said---I am a traveling kind of gal. Airports are always a great place to people watch and I prefer arriving early just so I can see what is going on all around me.   Usually my trip to the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport … [Read more...]

Pat Down, Fraud Alert, Jean Jackets, Automatic Toilets and Siri–A Few Things I Encountered Last Week

I just got home from a short trip to see family and beyond and as always there are stories.  It is what makes my life my life.  I can't make some of this stuff up, that is for sure.  A quick synopsis of a few things that I encountered during my week away. TSA has been unusually friendly to me the past few trips.  I know they are doing their jobs and I certainly would not want to have to go through what they experience much of the time.  Daily encounters with people who are not versed in … [Read more...]

Roll Call!

The Christmas travel has begun and as usual---there are always stories and interesting things that happen along the way!!! Last night on our leg from Minneapolis Saint Paul to Dayton we encountered something that I have never had happen before. Finally got a plane, unbeknowst to the gate attendant who had just made an announcement saying that the plane was not here and that his little screen showed an arrow pointing up meaning it was still in the air....but WE saw it taxi in....But I … [Read more...]

Still have a hard to buy for person? Here’s an idea!!!

I laughed and laughed when I watched this video--thanks to Debra who posted it on Facebook---I have enjoyed a full 10 minutes of laughing about this probably!   The perfect gift for your frequent flier male on your gift list this year!!! Enjoy!   … [Read more...]