To iPad or Not

It's sweeping the country.  Taking pictures with an iPad.   You see folks everywhere with their iPads poised and ready to take a snappy.  To me it seems a bit cumbersome even with the iPad mini. On a recent overseas trip our son, Micah, shared that one of his friends lost his phone.  From the sounds of it there were a lot of phones lost during the CBS trip that spanned more countries than I can count.   His friend, George, had an iPad mini and began using that as his camera since his phone … [Read more...]

I <3 NYC

Our weekend in NYC started off with a bang! Right after we settled into our apartment we headed to meet Micah and then a quick jaunt to Jacob's Pickles for a  nice lunch before we started our fun tourist life.   We grabbed the subway to head down to the site of the 9/11 Memorial.  I was thrilled to ride the subway and had visions of seeing all kinds of great people on our trips since I had read Jackie Cangro's book The Subway Chronicles: More Scenes from Life in New York.  Much to my sadness I … [Read more...]

Travel Do’s and Don’ts

I am a traveling kind of gal. Whether it be by car or airplane--whatever means it takes to get me from Point A to Point B ---I usually love the entire experience.  The past couple weeks have included trips to Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and South Dakota.   Like I  said---I am a traveling kind of gal. Airports are always a great place to people watch and I prefer arriving early just so I can see what is going on all around me.   Usually my trip to the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport … [Read more...]

He Had Fun Despite the Snack Deficit

We all have routines.  Some more than others. This weekend was further evidence to me of how much patience my sister in law has and how blessed we are to have the family that we have.  Let me explain. Chris and I had planned to take Carlton to Minneapolis for an overnight trip .  On the agenda:  the Mall of America, the Minnesota Zoo and a stay in a hotel with a pool.  Well, we can check all those things off now and I "think" it was successful.  Sometimes it is hard to tell but no blood was … [Read more...]

My 2 Week Recap

It has been a wild 2 weeks.  I woke up in my own bed, with my own husband (good thing, huh?) Drinking my favorite coffee.  Cuddling with my favorite cats.  Life is good! I LOVE my life.  Can I just say that again?  I LOVE MY LIFE!   The past two weeks I have stayed in 5 different places and even though that makes it a challenge for packing I did really well this time packing exactly the right stuff and came home with only a couple things that I did not use.  WIN! So what did I do the past … [Read more...]

It’s Wicked!

When we lived in Australia we tried to travel as much as we could on the weekends so we could take it all in.  I mean--it was a once in a lifetime experience, after all!!!  We didn't venture out of Queensland but hey---Queensland is huge!!!  It is larger than Texas and we think Texas is big!!! One of the things we loved to look for were Wicked Campers.  Australians are big on camping and touring around everywhere and one of the most popular choices seemed to be these camper vans.  They … [Read more...]

It’s Just Life With Friends

Part of our recent trip was a trip back "home" to Mooresville, NC where we lived for about 9 years.  It seems a long time ago since we moved in 2007 and even though I have been back numerous times Chris has not made the trip with me.  Being the nice guy that he is he funds my trips !   But this time we made it a point to stop for the night there and see some friends and catch up. There is nothing like friends who know you, who have lived through life with you and walked similar paths.  These … [Read more...]

Misery Loves Company

My husband is Mr. Logistic.  He is very good at planning and organizing trips and he loves to do it. This Christmas adventure that we are on was one of his best efforts.  Until the weather hit.  Enter chaos. We had planned to leave Iowa and spend the night before our early flight near the airport in Minneapolis in order to be there in the wee hours. Enter the blizzard.  Interstate 35 closed.  White out conditions.  It is never good when the state you live in has gates on the interstates to … [Read more...]

Picture Perfect

Susi over at BocaFrau (soon to be turned into something else--we are all waiting expectantly) offers a Picture Perfect blog hop and I thought I would hop along today!   Just a couple from our little slice of heaven this week in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida!!!     One happy camper!                   Join us and share some pictures!!!    … [Read more...]

Back from being A.W.O.L.

Yep---I left for a bit and didn't tell you guys!!   I had planned to do some posts while I was gone but you know---it just did not happen.  First we took Carlton home.   He was thrilled to get back home to his "Man Cave" and his own routine but he sure had fun with us which makes me know that he can stay with us anytime he wants to!! That is a good thing to know!!! Then it was off to be a part of a truly special event in the life of our sweet great niece, Harper Adelle, as she was baptized. … [Read more...]