Franklin County Harvest Bloggers Tour—First Rate Lodging

I hardly know where to start with sharing my past weekend in Franklin County but I decided to start with our lodging for the weekend.  The entire weekend was sponsored and paid for in full by the Franklin County Farm Bureau and Franklin County Tourism . I will be writing many posts about this event and that was an expectation of attending this weekend but I am thrilled to highlight all that we experienced over the weekend.  Trust me---it was a lot of fun. Chris was able to make it back from … [Read more...]

Bordering on Perfection?? Really???

I ran across this picture / advertisement in a magazine recently and it just struck me as an odd way to promote a state.  Bordering on perfection?? Doesn't that mean that the states around Iowa are the perfect places  and Iowa is just kind of trying to ride the coattails of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota?    I think it does.  I think it is just a really strange way to promote tourism of a state.  I know, I know---I live in Iowa.  I should be waving the pom … [Read more...]