Wordless Wednesday

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What Will I Miss?

I am just going to say it. I have not been a huge fan of Iowa.   It has not been my favorite state to live in.  Perhaps it was because we moved FROM North Carolina to Iowa and then moved again from AUSTRALIA back to Iowa. Two climates that are much better,  in my humble opinion.   My life got a little complicated there for awhile so if you have followed me for awhile you know about our moves.  Regardless, I am thinking that Iowa has not been the state where I have achieved a blissful state. I … [Read more...]

Lantern shines new light on dining

Yum Yum ----I had the Hibachi Beef and Chris had the Hibachi Seafood---both very good.   Also tried the spring rolls and the lobster spring rolls and they were delish, too.  If you live in Mason City it is worth checking out! Lantern shines new light on dining. … [Read more...]