Final Words?

Apparently Facebook has a new app---it is the "If I Die" app. I stumbled upon an article on Huffington Post detailing the ins and outs of this new app.  It is intriguing to think about it but it gives the user an opportunity to have messages, even videos, posted upon their death to Facebook.  The user selects 3 "trustees" who they would allow to be the ones to activate the app upon their death. The creator of the app--Willook, an Israeli startup, says that they can not see the messages or … [Read more...]

Rush On Out To Buy These For Christmas Gifts!!!

One of the websites I peruse from time to time is The Huffington Post. They usually do not fail to make me smile and more often laugh with some of their slide shows. Today I found the perfect gifts for everyone on my Christmas shopping list and I am sure that you will too!!!  Pictures and content all taken from their slide show----I take no credit ----but sure wanted to pass it along!!!  Start shopping now! 1.  Children's Night Vision Camcorder because we all want our kids out there at night … [Read more...]