She Sells Jellyfish and Seashells and Starfish by the Coral Reef

Looks like the company that makes Little Debbie snacks has a marketing ploy. Appeal to the summer and beach lover in all of us. I was tempted but not tempted enough to actually purchase the sugary treats that I found in Target the other day.   I don' t know about you but I have enough processed sugar in my diet already and really don't need to add more fluff to this frame at all.  Do these tempt you at all? What tempts me as summer arrives is a huge bowl of fresh … [Read more...]

Pat Down, Fraud Alert, Jean Jackets, Automatic Toilets and Siri–A Few Things I Encountered Last Week

I just got home from a short trip to see family and beyond and as always there are stories.  It is what makes my life my life.  I can't make some of this stuff up, that is for sure.  A quick synopsis of a few things that I encountered during my week away. TSA has been unusually friendly to me the past few trips.  I know they are doing their jobs and I certainly would not want to have to go through what they experience much of the time.  Daily encounters with people who are not versed in … [Read more...]

This Is How WE Deal With Snow….

We LAUGH at snow in Iowa....   Yep--that says The Big Push   Iowa has it covered......still snowing and no signs of stopping!  Happy Winter! … [Read more...]

I’m In Love

It's true.   I am in love.  I just discovered a new apple.  It is delightful!   AND it comes from New Zealand!   One of my favorite places in the whole world!   Ran across the Sonya apple at Target yesterday and bought a couple just to try them.   Anything that says New Zealand on it is like a huge neon sign to me that says "buy me buy me".   Just because.   I love this apple!  It is crisp and light and simply wonderful!  I love this time of year because the apples are so good and since I am … [Read more...]