The Last of the Beach Photos

The beach trip is over.  The sand is almost out of my shoes and clothes.  Don't know when I will be back again but I guess being able to visit 3 different beaches in 2 months is a pretty good deal, isn't it?  I am pretty spoiled.  So I bid the beach adieu and thank my bestie for taking the trip with me!  Had a blast and will definitely have to do it again!   Enjoy the pictures!!! … [Read more...]

Have a Beach…Need a Dog

It's true.  Beach walking = dog walking.  Whenever I am at the beach, no matter where it is, I have this incredible urge to own a big, lumbering dog.  The two just go together.  Dogs just are a natural fit on the beach.   I am sure it is a lot of work because then they have the whole sandy pawed thing to deal with when you get back to the house but hey---it just sounds like a great idea to have a dog.  But I don't have one so I will just have to make do with walking with my best friend instead!  … [Read more...]