Mid Day Meet Me on Monday!

A little delay on the post today---doing a bit of traveling and finally settled in at the youngest son's place a bit ago.  Yippee!!! First class seat, no delays, easy jaunt to get the rental car and even though his place is not on the GPS since it is a new neighborhood I made it with no issues other than my GPS thought I was still in Iowa and told me it was going to take 18 hours to get from the airport to his place.  NOT!   And I already got my Bojangles fix so I good to go. Linking up with … [Read more...]

Things That Make Me Happy

So I started my list......I am trying to use the ThingsToBeHappyAbout site to create my list but it is not behaving too well so not sure how this is going to turn out here. Yesterday when I was driving and yet another person pulled out in front of me at the HyVee/Kmart/Burger King intersection close to my house I decided that instead of whining and complaining about the horrible drivers here I should just be happy that I don't HAVE to go that way---there is another way out of the subdivision … [Read more...]

What My Summer Has Lacked

I just realized what my summer has missed!  A trip to the beach!  I LOVE the beach.   When we were living in Australia we actually lived ON the beach.  Well, we did not actually live on the beach but I could walk out the back door and be on the beach in a few seconds!  It was lovely.  I miss that.  A lot.  So when my sister sent me this pictures of a sand castle building contest in Oregon that her friend Joan had sent to her it made me smile and miss the beach a bit.  Enjoy the slideshow! … [Read more...]