Slightly Savory Saturday

It is soup weather in our house and I am whipping up all kinds of yumminess whenever I can in the form of soup. This recipe is probably the easiest one ever because it uses prepackaged ravioli and takes very little time to prepare.   Quick Ravioli and Spinach Soup Boil 1 9 ounce package refrigerated small cheese ravioli in 2 - 32 ounce cartons of chicken broth with 1/4 tsp onion powder and a dash of pepper for 7 - 10 minutes.  Add 4 cups chopped fresh spinach and 3 cups shredded cooked chicken … [Read more...]

Slightly Savory Saturday

A new feature  on It's Just Life this week is Slightly Savory Saturday where I will occasionally share a tasty recipe that I have tried that is one worth passing along.  Today's is a knock off of a favorite that I get when I visit Olive Garden restaurants----it is a great one to have when the temperatures drop as low as they have been this week and I am happy to share my adapted version of it today.  Enjoy Zuppa Toscana Soup 1 1/2 cups sweet turkey sausage (You can use any kind of … [Read more...]

It’s All Good

I think I found my mother's twin today!  Right in my back yard.  Well, actually ---kind of in my front yard diagonally and about half a mile.  Still with me?   I had to go get some goodies to start preparations for my fabulous lunch of White Bean Swiss Chard soup for my main squeeze so I headed out to HyVee.  Now our HyVee has the great practice of giving the customer 5 cents credit for each and every bag that they bring in to use.  I have quite a collection of these fabulous bags since that is … [Read more...]

This MAY Lower Cholesterol….

It just struck me as funny......the wording on this can of soup.... Progresso can not say for certainty that eating this soup will definitely reduce cholesterol but it MAY, it just MAY reduce it.  Can't fully commit to that claim but on the off chance that it does they are going to put it out there.  I guess it is all part of the truth in advertising stuff---don't make claims that you can't factually back up.  I guess that is a good thing.   So here is another thought..... THIS … [Read more...]