Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday and a Winner

Nothing like a lemon smile to make your day, right? Today is not truly a Wordless Wednesday because I have to announce the winner of my 6 Year Blogaversary Giveaway!!!!   I am thrilled to report that the randomly picked winner is Marla from Just Make the Coffee!   Your package will be traveling to you very soon! (After I get your mailing details!)  Make sure you stop by her blog and check it out---she has a wonderful blog that features many photographs of the critters on her farm in Illinois … [Read more...]

Sunday Smiles

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TOMS, Smiles and Posies

Most of you know of my addiction to TOMS shoes......I need a 12 step program, no joke. Someone asked me today how many I had and quite honestly I do not know but I made an educated guess and it was in the double digits. I look at it that that is just that many pairs of shoes that I have donated to a child in need! That is how I am justifying my addiction. Well, now it is going to be even worse because you see....I learned that I can personalize them a little bit and make them even more … [Read more...]

Birthday Wishes and Umbilical Cords

Me, Paula and Mother a couple of years ago !!!  Need to get an updated picture!!!!  But you get the idea!!!   My sister has a birthday!!! It is tomorrow---otherwise known as TAX DAY but I thought I would wish her happy birthday a day early because in my advancing years I am bound to forgot to do this tomorrow!!! So here it is ---a tribute to my sister, Paula!!! Happy Birthday, Sissy!!! If any of you have sisters you may know what it means. Paula and I are 6 years apart in … [Read more...]