Help Acts of Kindness

I ran across this website quite awhile ago and have ordered "Smile Cards" repeatedly.  It just kind of fits in with my whole trying to have a positive outlook on life.   I find that if I try to have a positive outlook on things I feel better about myself and about people around me. And let's face it---focusing on others instead of myself is a much better thing to do in this world!!!  Leads to a much healthier life, I think. Anyway, this is a great place to read about some great ideas of how … [Read more...]

The Ripple Effect of Kindness

Worth a read!!!  I am a firm believer in this--have been the recipient many times and have tried to pay it forward myself.  This week I challenge  you to do something along these lines!  Let me know what you do and I will post it here!!! I will start you off with what I have done---one of the vendors at the Farm Market here in Mason City has some fabulous products.  I have blogged about the local Soyphisticated Candles before (do a search to find the blog post).  Great business, great owner … [Read more...]