Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear—Wait—Two Bears!

My brother Mark and I share a lot in common.  He is only two years older than me so he always was my buddy growing up.  When we were in high school I know he always kind of kept an eye out for me.  We went to the same (fabulous) college and I know that he always kept his eye on me there--even if I didn't know it.  He is a great brother.  There but not too there if that makes any sense. Growing up I guess it was normal that he and I would be the closest because we were closest in age.  That is … [Read more...]

Do You Play Favorites?

I watched Anderson Cooper's show the other day because I think he is just neat.  I love his giggle.  And I have started to really like his show.  He covers interesting topics that draw me in.  And at 4 pm I seem to be ready to take a break and sit down and veg out for an hour before I start dinner. The other day his topic was Favorite Children and how being favored ( or not favored) affects children.   I found it pretty interesting and eye opening as he had mothers on there who admitted ON … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

A blast from the past!!! Which one is me?????    … [Read more...]

Number 4–Siblings, Childhood, Swarms of Angry Bees

Today I am thankful for the wonderful childhood that I had and the memories that I have of great times with my brothers and sister! We had a great childhood and my memories include great moments that I will carry with me always---fishing with Mark, messing up Paula's side of our bedroom, creating toys out of weird things, making up games, all of our shared pets, getting chased by angry bees after Chris and Mark angered a nest of them and could run faster than me---well maybe that isn't such a … [Read more...]