Teapot Tuesday

Another delightful teapot today from my favorite eBay seller who is selling off her mom's teapot collection that numbers close to 1000!!!   I love this little froggie themed teapot and am happy to welcome it into my collection.   … [Read more...]

Living la Vida Lamo

Mr. Diamond and I were discussing how our lives have changed over the years.  Gone are those days of being room mom, school parties and chauffeuring kids to play dates.  Gone are the endless trips to schools and orthodontist appointments.   No more nights spent in football stadiums, freezing cold Saturday mornings spent on soccer fields or spending weekends shuttling kids to different parties and friends' houses. Our own personal lives have changed a bit, also. We no longer spend 3 or 4 … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday

This cute teapot came from Ebay from my sweet seller whose mom had the massive collection.  Who could resist this pastoral  themed Sadler teapot? Not me!  It is a lovely teapot which has never had a pot of tea brewed in it.  I need to change that!   One of the shining moments of my day is that when, having returned a little weary from an afternoon walk, I exchange boots for slippers, out-of-doors coat for easy, familiar, shabby jacket, and, in my deep, soft-elbowed … [Read more...]

Friday Filled with F’s

Joining up with Hilary at Feeling Beachie for her weekly blog hop.  She has been posting Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop  FOREVER (another F) and her dedication to doing this is FABULOUS!  Okay--enough alliteration-----let's get on with the statements.  Click here to hop over to her blog to join up via Linky and be a part of the fun.  Or leave your own answers in the comments here if you want. The statements: I have been ____ so if I _____ I dont like _____. I easily can … [Read more...]

To Market We Go!

Did you ever find a business that drew you in and invited you to become part of their family?   I feel that way about Market 124 located at 124 North Delaware in Mason City, Iowa.   Katie Wold and her husband, Dave, bought the former Olde Central Antique Mall and renovated the space to highlight the original space that boasts exposed concrete columns and the original concrete and tile floor. Those coupled with the  high ceilings and blocked glass windows lend to a welcoming area for local … [Read more...]

High Flying Gift Ideas

  You know that I am here for you guys, right?  I am always on the lookout for things that I can pass along to my readers that will inspire and enrich your lives.  I want you to all live life to the fullest and enjoy each moment and today in an effort to help you on that journey I have found some items that might just have to be put on your Christmas wish lists. On my flight home from Houston last Friday I decided to check out the SkyMall magazine.  That's the one that is always … [Read more...]

Turtle Times Two

On our last trip to North Carolina we spent an afternoon at a delightful shop called Southern Season in Chapel Hill. If my dream comes true to move back to North Carolina I will be a fixture in this place.  Don't even try to move me.  It has everything that I want here.  I would not even have to leave the store as there is a coffee / tea shop, deli, and yes---even a cooking school! What a perfect place!   And of course--teapots---lovely precious teapots of all different shapes and sizes and … [Read more...]

Ruckus all Around

You know what??? Life is about the same anywhere you go.  People live out their daily lives and do the same things that you and I do pretty much regardless of location.  Sure, the actual activities may differ slightly, but over all---yep--we are all the same deep down. The country (the US, that is) is in the midst of a huge heat wave.   I am in Canada with the hubby this week and it is really hot here, too.  I melted a little bit today.  I went for a walk to the Walmart which is fairly close … [Read more...]

Garbage Stickers and Healthy Eating

This week's Friday statements come, as usual, from Hilary over at Feeling Beachie.  She has a great blog and offers up 4 statements each Friday for us to fill in and answer!  Join along and meet some new folks!  This is what she has to offer this week! This week’s statements 1. Despite the fact that I should know better, I still always buy too much food when I go grocery shopping.  I always want to be "prepared" but really---there are only 2 of us living here and 2 cats so how much food do … [Read more...]

Nun Fun and Mahi Mahi

Did you ever see something that just lifted your spirits and made the day happier?  I have been so pulled in by all that is going on Japan the past week and it has been weighing on me heavily as it has been on many folks.  That is the down part of having a big heart.  I just feel things deeply and want to "do" something to help.  But for now I can only wait and pray.  So yesterday on a foray out into the metropolis that I can my community now I had the opportunity to smile. I was walking … [Read more...]