Wordless Wednesday—My Favorite View

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Have you ever been really scared?  I mean REALLY scared?   The kind of scared that puts your body into fight or flight mode or the kind of scared that just plain causes your body to react by sweating or sending cold chills all over your body??? I got to thinking about being scared today for some reason.  Might have been because of a dream or something I saw on television (watching all 5 seasons of The Wire might be what triggered it)  but when I pondered it I think I have only been really … [Read more...]


I was cruising YouTube for videos of Saunders Beach in Queensland where we lived for a short time and along with the most recent videos showing all of the damage from Cyclone Yasi I stumbled upon this one which made me miss our little beach front home there!  Enjoy the video and the Aussie humor (especially at the end) and in case you wondered---Yes---I did run across some of those nude sunbathers occasionally! Thank you to Gigolo8 for the memories! … [Read more...]

Down With Comforters! Why the Duvet Should Give Way to the Blanket – WSJ.com

Dear Wall Street Journal, While I enjoyed reading your recent article about Duvets and the latest trends in bedmaking styles I feel the need to disagree with your analysis of the duvet.  I LOVE the duvet!  You bashed it calling it lumpy, too hot and sloppy.   I have to voice my opinion on this as it is near and dear to my heart.  When we were in Australia we discovered and fell in love with the duvet.  While we normally did not need to stuff the cover with anything due to the intense heat and … [Read more...]

A Bit of the Down Under Life

Chris and I were talking last night about how the past couple years of our lives have kind of been a dream. We have definitely had our share of adventures and been able to do things that we never dreamed that we would do! And of course one of those great adventures was our time in Australia which we loved. I was going through about a zillion pictures I have of our days there from our first trip when he went for interviews to our actual life there and it was fun to look at those and relive … [Read more...]