I’ll Do it Frank Sinatra Style

The viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge came my way. Miranda from Plus Sized Mama and author of Lemonade and Holy Stuff challenged me.  I get what the intention was in the beginning. Well, kind of.  Bring awareness to the horrid disease that takes the joy of living from so many people. I did a bit of research online so that I could be more educated on the disease. What has gotten lost in the challenge, however, is the education and the actual donations to a reputable charity that is in dire need of … [Read more...]

From Water to Research–Comments for A Cause

I am a little late in posting today but I am finally getting to the exciting news about Comments for a Cause. For the past 2 1/2 years I have featured a different cause each month on It's Just Life and for every comment made during that month on any blog post I have donated 50 cents to that featured cause.  My husband and I are thrilled with the response that this has elicited and each month the perfect cause seems to appear. In September I chose Samaritan's Purse---specifically their work in … [Read more...]

Comments, Please!

It is the beginning of the month and if you have followed me in the past 2 1/2 years you know that that is the day that I tally up the comments made on my blog during the past month and make a donation to the cause for that month.  It is also the day that I announce the new cause!!!   Woo hoo!   I get pretty excited about it ---maybe not as excited as I do about Flavia machines but hey----pretty excited none the less. This past month comments were designated to go toward support of Second … [Read more...]

The Results Are In!!!

This month I promised to make a donation to the National Parkinson Foundation for every legitimate comment made on my blog during the month of April.  By legitimate I mean from real people and not spammers!!! There are a lot of those out there in the blogosphere.  I blogged about it for the first time here.  Well, the results are in and after going through all of my comments for the month I had an all time high of 153 comments (not including my responses) .   I know that commenting on blogs is … [Read more...]